Feb 06


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Sorry to all our avid readers *smirk* that we haven’t posted in awhile.  We’ve both been really busy with work, Dliberation work, friends and family.  I was thinking back to this time last year, when we were buying our house, living at my mom’s, I was preparing for my black belt test, Emmaus was going on, we were having all sorts of car trouble, etc.  Whew, what a stressful few months!

Now, a year later, it’s happening again…not so many big things going on, but this time of year seems to be a tough one for us to get through.  We’re both swamped at work, there’s another black belt test coming up (thankfully this time I just get to watch everyone else), we have 3 mock trials coming up in the next month with Dliberation Resources, plus we are squeezing in a visit to St. Louis, and a couple of on-call weekends for me, and of course, Brian and Ashley’s upcoming wedding.

Luckily though, we’ve got Lost, Survivor, and The Amazing Race starting back up again (which we love), a great cruise to the Caribbean (YAY!), and April, which in general is our “ahhhhh, it’s all over” month.  Hopefully we’ll get back to posting soon, just wanted to keep everyone updated.


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