Jun 05

Girlie girl

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Megabyte spent the weekend at the Erlanger Pet Resort & Day Spa while we were in New York visiting family. When she was picked up, the lady kept referring to Megabyte as a boy. For her whole life, the poor thing has barely ever been recognized as a girl, maybe because of her name…maybe because she has a purple collar which could go both ways, and a blue leash (which is a boy color).

So this evening, Megabyte, Paul and I went to Petsmart and got Meg a pink girlie collar. She looks really cute, especially with her new haircut from the day spa. Hopefully, now people will see her and call her a girl and not embarrass her any longer. 🙂

Check out more cute pics of Meg by clicking on the picture below:

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  1. Marissa says:

    Hey guys….I just wanted to say HI!! I was thinking about you and remembred you had this web page. I am happy to hear (read) that you have moved…where did you move? It seems taht all is going well. I would love to hear from you guys. I have missed you………

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