Jun 16

A good day

Tag: General,Karate,The HouseEmily @ 7:52 am

We finally got our seed & straw yesterday!!! Only took 3 months! We spent about 5 hours watering it; guess the yard was a little bigger than we thought, had to move the sprinkler around about 12 times *sighs* We’ll be doing that for the next week or so I imagine. Any tips on getting those little grass seeds up and going nicely?

Megabyte is super excited about getting a yard. We can’t wait for it to grow in so we can get a fence (we have an estimate next week) and a deck (yay!).

Also, at karate last night, Cathy and I were given the black belts that they had ordered for us from Japan. They are Shureido belts, which are handmade in Okinawa, Japan (where Shokotan karate was founded). Normally, belts cost $4-10. These cost about $70. They are extremely nice belts; top of the line. Cathy are I are very thankful and appreciative of our Sensei for these belts!

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