Dec 19 2009

Thanksgiving & Cincy Trains!

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I know, we haven’t posted in forever. Here are some great pictures that Matt (Megan’s boyfriend) took while we were in St. Louis for THanksgiving, and some that Brian took at the Cincinnati, Duke Energy Train Exhibition this morning. Sean is getting really big! Sean is crazy about trains lately, so he was pretty exited about seeing the trains! They even had a Thomas and Percy train in the bunch!
Click the picture below to see more.

Nov 10 2009

Who is this child?

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So I think that someone took my son and replaced him with a stunt double. Last night he didn’t want a bottle for the first time in his life at bedtime. He never asked for it, went to bed and slept through the night…weird. Then, we came home after a trip to the library after picking him up from school and he went into the kitchen, pointed to the fridge and said “Milk, mommy.” Uhh…he has never drank milk from a cup…ever. He always refuses, which is part of the reason we still give him a bottle at night; since he never gets milk otherwise. So he polished off a whole cup of milk went “ahhhh” and said “more milk, mommy?” Who is this kid???

We’ll see how long this lasts; especially because I probably jinxed it by writing this post.

Could we be done with bottles??

Sep 18 2009

Family photos and Sean’s 18 month photos

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Over labor day weekend, my brother, mom, sister and my sister’s boyfriend all came down to visit. We surprised them with a Saturday morning photo shoot with Steph Carson. A week later we had the photos back. I got them uploaded to our Gallery earlier this week. Click the photo for more:

Sep 02 2009

Our little “Chip”let

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We used to refer to Sean’s teeth as little chicklets, but tonight, he slipped while taking a bath and chipped his front right tooth! 🙁 It’s not a bad chip, but it is noticeable. I’m going to call my dentist tomorrow to see if we can get him in to get it at least buffed down; it’s a little bit sharp 🙁 Poor boy.

Aug 13 2009

So what has Paul been up to?

I’ve been really busy lately with work, travel, being a dad, husband, etc and haven’t really posted anything significant in a while. So what have I been up to?
Last month, I took a long weekend trip and flew to Seattle to visit Sean and Tim and Bridgette’s family, and go to a Mighty Mighty Bosstone’s concert (YAH!). While in Seattle, Sean and I visited one of my co-workers, Debbie, at her parent’s cafe – Chelan Cafe. Its a great place with AWESOME food. On our way out to the cafe, we drove by an import dealership and saw this parked on the street:

Its a VERY rare BMW M1 and it was in awesome shape. In the sun, you could see the carbon fiber reflecting back under the pearlescent paint.
So after our brunch at Chelan Cafe, Sean and I got on the road for our drive to Portland, OR, to visit Corey, Aija, and their newborn daughter Zora. I haven’t seen Corey and Aija since Stephen’s wedding, and have never been to Portland. on the way up, we passed this weird sculpture:

Its a very pretty city. We had some good meals there (especially lunch the next day!) and hanging out with old friends made the weekend worthwhile.

While in Seattle, I got to hang out with Tim, Bridgette, Rylee and Tyler. Turns out Rylee and Brig are big fans of So You Think You Can Dance, which is my anti-masculine guilty pleasure TV Show that Emily got me addicted to. Rylee LOVES the show. She knows every name, dance style, choreographer, etc of every person on the show. The three of us watch the show while Sean and Tim played some PS3 game 🙂
I got to swim in the Snohomish (?) river. The river was VERY high and the curretn was so strong that sean and I couldn’t get more than 10 or 15 feet from the bank without getting a chance of us getting swept away. A great public park..things you just don’t see in this area. Another thing that was great? I actually got to see the sun shine in the Pac NW. The three or four times I’ve been up there, its always rained (surprise!).
So the last night there, Sean, Tim, and I went to see my all time favorite band, The Might Mighty Bosstones. They got back together and this was the main purpose of my trip – to see them again. Of all the concerts I have been to, I”ve seen them the most. I think this was my 5th or 6th time seeing them. This show did not let me down. I’ll post some video and photos (ala cell phone so not great…) at a later time.

So fast forward to a week or so ago. For Father’s day, Emily got me a gift cert for Boi na Braza (sp?), a Brazillian steakhouse in Cincinnati. For those not familiar, these places charge a flat rate and you get a pretty decent salad bar. Also, they have waiters walking around with 15 different cuts of meat – sirloin, lamb chops, chicken breasts, filet mignon, and plenty of others. It was amazing. While NOT cheap, one of the things Emily and I enjoyed the most was the personal time. The wait staff doesn’t bother you. Because you let them know when you want more food, they basically stay away from your table unless you need a refill on your beverage. We had a great time talking all night without some person interrupting us to see if we wanted to buy something else. And MANY thanks to Aunt SheShe for watching Sean so we could have some time out. Oh..and the deserts are freaking great too! I love a perfectly cooked flan. Their wine list is pretty decent also. We had a nice pinot grigio.

Coming soon – my twin brother Sean is flying in from Seattle for a visit over Labor Day weekend. When he is here, my mom, Megan, and Megan’s boyfriend Matt, plan on coming down and we are hoping to see Stephen and Amy as well. (Little) Sean is going to have a BLAST!

Tonight, I gave Sean one of my die-cast cars. Its a Porsche that I got when I was in the 8th or 9th grade as a Christmas present from (I think) my grandmother’s brother, my Uncle Jack McNaughton (the Scottish side!). Sean LOVED it. Its bright orange. When Emily picked him up to take him to bed he cried. He wanted his car! So she gave it to him and carried him upstairs. Up in his room, she tried to get him to put it down on his dresser so they could get ready for bed. He wanted nothing to do with that. He was hugging and snuggling her…while hugging and snuggling his new car!! I knew I loved this kid for a reason!!

Can’t wait to see what happens when he finds out I have 20 or 30 diecast cars in storage 😉 He likes that orange Porsche 959 so much he may go into overdrive if sees the others! 🙂

Last night Uncle Phillip and Gramma got back from their trip to the Cabin and NYC and Phillip brought Sean back a present! Sean is now the proud owner of some Air Jordans!

He thought they were so cool. He is wearing them to “school” today. Phillip has a matching pair so we’ll have to get a photo of them wearing them together. He is in size sixes now, and when he gets to size sevens he gets to wear his Chucks that Megan and Matt got him 🙂

Links for the various galleries related to the posts above:

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Jul 14 2009

I’m Back!

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Back from my quick trip to Seattle. Crammed a whole lot of stuff into the 4 days I was there. Will post more details and some photos tonight.
Emily and Sean get back from New York tonight. Can’t wait to see them! Its been a long time since I have been away from Emily this long and I’ve never been away from Sean this long! Hope he remembers me!

Jul 07 2009

Adirondack Boy

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Sean and I have been in New York visiting my family since Thursday. We are having a really good time, despite the rainy weather that never seems to take a break. Colleen and Cate picked us up at the airport on Thursday and we headed out to Great Sacandaga Lake, where we have a camp. We spent Thurs – Monday there, hanging out, boating, fishing, making smores, hanging out with neighbors and family. Sean, who hates to walk in the grass, and heaven forbid, touch it with his hands, was running around in the woods barefoot by Monday. He loves pine needles, pine cones, little sticks and all the trees! He got to swim in the lake and throw rocks, and take lots of long walks up and down the camp road. We headed back home on Monday, getting ice cream on the way.

Dad, Colleen and Cate spent a lot of time redoing the playhouse that Dad built for Brian and me when we were younger. They put nice walls on the inside (it was always just 2x4s and plywood) and fixed it up so cute with a table and chair set, and Cate’s old Little Tykes kitchen set. Sean has a blast playing in there, cooking us meals and microwaving the fake food in the little microwave.

We are planning on heading back to the camp for this weekend, and then Sean and I return home to KY on Tuesday. It’s been a lot of fun so far and we have some great pictures! Click on the picture below to see.

Also, Sean sat in the little chair outside of the playhouse, where he sat when he came last fall. Look how much he’s grown up!

Jun 30 2009

Sean’s surgery

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Sean had surgery to probe and irrigate his blocked tear duct this morning at Cincinnati Children’s. It went really well, and Sean is doing wonderfully. The hospital staff were great and Sean ‘went out’ and woke up easily. We were in the waiting room for less than 10 minutes! When we got back to the recovery room, Sean sat up, downed 8oz of apple juice, then asked for his book and began to read! He’s so funny! It was impressive; I was expecting him to be very groggy and cranky, but he was cheerful and comical!

His eye looks good; looks like it’s starting to drain tears like it should. We have to give him eye drops 3x day for a week, which I’m sure he’ll hate! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers; it was a simple / fast procedure, but still worrisome 🙂

Here are some pictures of him in his little hospital gown:

Jun 15 2009

Stay at home mommy – day 1

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Sean and I had a great day today! Sean woke up at 8am and then woke up Dada (his favorite thing to do). We sat on the couch with Kitty and Sean’s blanket for awhile and watched tv and snuggled, then had breakfast. Sean played with his puzzle while I got ready, and we headed out to the toy store around 10am. I got him 2 new puzzles, since he’s already mastered the one he has, and when we got home, he was ready for a nap. We had some lunch, then went out and played with the ball in the yard. He walked around back, and asked to play on the slide. He went down the slide about 40 times, and then I had to come in to get the camera. I cant’ believe what he’s doing…he’s climbing up the slide and going down ALL by himself! Is he really big enough to be doing that?? It doesn’t seem like it! We got all dirty and sweaty outside, so we came in for a drink and a popsicle (which Sean LOVED). We played with Megabyte for awhile, did our new puzzles, went for a walk outside and then came in to cool down and have a snack. Sean fed his whole snack to Megabyte, who was very happy to help out! Sean had another nap around 3:30, then we played some more! It was a long but fun day. Hopefully the weather continues to be nice so we always have the option of going outdoors. Getting out of the house if definitely a nice break!

Check out the video of Sean doing the slide all by himself. Man, he’s so big!

These are the puzzles he got today:

Jun 11 2009

Eye news

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Sean had his visit to Children’s this morning. He does NOT like drops to be put into his eye, or people shining little lights in them by the way…:-)

His eyes themselves and his vision are all normal. As we suspected, they have to do a probing procedure to open up the tear duct. Very quick, whole procedure takes 3-5 minutes; similar to the amount of time it would take to do tubes in ears. His surgery is scheduled for June 24th. I’m really glad we could get him in so quick. The success rate is 85-90% for his age range. If the procedure doesn’t work, he’ll need to get stints put into his tear ducts. 🙁

More to follow!

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