Sep 02

Our little “Chip”let

Tag: General,SeanAndrewEmily @ 8:25 pm

We used to refer to Sean’s teeth as little chicklets, but tonight, he slipped while taking a bath and chipped his front right tooth! 🙁 It’s not a bad chip, but it is noticeable. I’m going to call my dentist tomorrow to see if we can get him in to get it at least buffed down; it’s a little bit sharp 🙁 Poor boy.

2 Responses to “Our little “Chip”let”

  1. Shannon says:

    Oh no! Poor boy. Did it knock it loose or just chip it? When my brother was 2 (I was 4) I knocked both of his front teeth out while on the see-saw.

  2. Paul C. says:

    Just chipped the inside corner thank goodness!

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