Oct 01 2012

Never order from TurboJunky.com

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I ordered a T-shirt from TurboJunky on August 23rd of this year during my lunch break. I should have googled the company first because there are a number of bad reviews for them. Anyway according to the FAQ on their website:

How long will it take for my order to ship?
Once an order has been placed your order will be processed and shipped within 1-3 business days.
How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-5 business days). International shipments via USPS Express mail or FedEx and usually take about 3-10 business days.
*(Weather conditions, holidays, or incorrect shipping information can delay shipments)

A few minutes after I received the payment confirmation email, I received an order confirmation for this shirt:

$4.99 plus $4.00 shipping. On August 31st, I hadn’t received any update to my order so I filled out the form on their website asking for an update. For some reason my account on their site isn’t working so I was unable to login there and view the details. Maybe I didn’t create an account. I’m not 100% sure on that. Never heard back.

On September 5th, I shot an email to moe@turbojunky.com and executive187@gmail.com (the email address I received a form confirmation from). Never heard back.

On September 10th, I posted to their Facebook page asking where my order was. I also sent a private message via Facebook to Moe Lufti who is listed as the owner-operator. TurboJunky posted a reply to my Wall post that it “will arrive shortly i am very sorry for the delay we are extremely backed up”. I replied asking for a tracking number and to define shortly. Never heard back.

One September 17th, I received an email notification that my item shipped. Thank God. His operation runs out of California so shipping via first class USPS or UPS ground should take 5 to 7 business days. Today is October 1st and it is exactly two weeks since the shipped notice. Nothing. I replied to the shipped notice this morning (sending to both the gmail and turbo junky account) and re-posted to my comment on the TruboJunky.com Facebook wall. I’ll bet I don’t hear back from them.

I should have paid with a credit card instead of a debit card, but in all my internet transactions, I honestly can’t recall a bad experience that didn’t eventually get resolved. If you google “turbojunky.com scam” there are currently 967 results and “turbojunky.com order problems” results in 3,630 results. I read through a number of forum posts where people either didn’t get their order, only got part of their order, or the order was wrong. Not only that, but the Better Business Bureau rates them as an “F”.

Isn’t this the stuff law suits are made for? I think I may spend a couple nights looking into that. Or talking to my father-in-law (he’s a lawyer). May contact the local sheriff as well. I did have one experience back in 2001 or 2002 where a guy took some money for aftermarket car parts in a “group buy” and we got him arrested. That was for more than an $5 tshirt though.

Jun 16 2012

Fun times!

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 10:27 pm

We have a lot of Catholic churches in our area and they all hold annual festivals. We went to one last night and Sean is all about the rides. He was JUST tall enough to ride the Scrambler

We took some more and you can click here to see them.

Jun 16 2012

Summer Soccer!

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Last summer, we enrolled Sean in the Happy Feet soccer program. He really didn’t enjoy it too much. He was really shy and did not want to participate at all. This year we enrolled him again and its been a complete 180. It probably helps that we practiced with him since last summer so he was more familiar with what was expected of him. Today was the first day and he did great. He needs to learn to follow/keep his eye on the ball and not follow where the pack is running, but he does have really good ball control so far.
Click here for the gallery!

And to the victor goes the spoils!

Jun 15 2012

New photos are up! More News!

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OMG – a blog post!
We had Sean and Lillian’s photos taken by Denise and DMB Photography. I uploaded them to teh gallery. Click the pics below to get to it!

In other news, Big Sean moved from Seattle to St. Paul, MN a few weeks ago. I flew up there with Stephen and then the three of us along with Tim drove back to St. Louis. Over 3000 miles in 4 days. We have a ton of photos to share, but haven’t had time to edit yet. Soon!

Mar 20 2011

Facebook has killed the blog

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If you aren’t on Facebook, you’ve missed out on everything about everyone that you know. Its crazy how one website has replaced so many means of online advertising and communication. When I first got online, if you didn’t have a website on geocities or some other free service, you were not online.
Basically, Emily and I will be posting new photos here and there to our Gallery, but most updates and instant photos will be posted to facebook. We both have android phones, so it makes it very easily.
I may try to tweak our website to post some of our facebook stuff here, but with two kids, two very busy jobs, and only 24 hours a day…your best bet is to join facebook and start sending “friend requests” to all the people you know and knew.

Radio is dead.


Jan 05 2011

Sorry we are so quiet!

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We’ve been really busy with the now passed holidays, work, and taking care of the kiddos. I’ll try to get a new post up this week with pics and news from the past couple weeks. I did get a new cell phone and service that has a HD video camera built into it. I puty some random videos on my youtube account.

More later!

Nov 01 2010

We’re at the hospital!

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Emily is doing fine and we are just waiting around for the baby to join us 🙂 Will keep people updated!

Oct 14 2010

Pumpkin patch and corn mazes!

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Last weekend, we took a trip with Brian, Ashley, and Diana to the Iron’s Fruit Farm in Lebanon, OH. There were animals, a band, pumpkins, a hay ride, and a 16 acre corn maze. The weather was beautiful and warm. Sean has ton of fun in the maze. Everyone got apple fritters and Emily got an added bonus – poison ivy! We took a few pics (click photos to go to the gallery):

Oct 09 2010

Trip to St. Louis

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Last weekend, Emily, Sean, and I took a long weekend trip to St. Louis. Friday was the opening night for the Musical Megan was performing in (Moby Dick – The Musical) and Saturday night we had the wedding reception for one of my college friends, Greg Gates. My best friend from college, Kurt also flew in from Dallas for the event. We had a great time. Sunday we drove back into the city and had brunch with the bride and groom, some of their family, and friends (also from Murray State).
Saturday morning we took Sean to the St. Louis zoo. I think its one of the best zoo’s in the country. One of the best exhibits is the penguin facility. You get so close to them, that you can practically touch them (and probably could ifs people weren’t looking!). I snapped quite a few pics – some even of Sean 🙂 (click)

This is one of my favorites:

Sean got to ride the train too!

There are some pics at the end of the gallery of sean and his new bathtime favorite – bathtub crayons!

Oct 07 2010

Dad and Mom’s Gallery

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Dad spent a lot of time scanning his old slides and wood working in the garage building shaker style furniture. He kept the digital copies on his website (LaryandNarni.com) which is now offline. This evening I imported all his galleries though, HERE.

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