Apr 08 2008

Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthdays to Diana (April 7th) and Cathy (April 8th)!  Hope you have great days!

Apr 03 2008

StephCarson Photos are in!

Tag: Baby,Emily,Family,Friends,General,Paul,SeanAndrewPaul C. @ 1:50 pm

We got the photo CD from Steph Carson yesterday, and they turned out great 🙂 I’ll let Emily post how to get to the photos and stuff – we will have to resize them to fit in our gallery but will also provide a link that people can use to order copies of the photos. I’ll post some later this evening to the gallery.

click the photo for more.

Mar 07 2008

Its never good bye, it’s see you later.

Tag: Family,Friends,General,PaulPaul C. @ 1:13 am

Dad passed away tonight shortly after I posted the previous note.  He left us around 6:57pm CST.  He went peacefully, which is how he specified he would like to go.  Things are pretty down in the household tonight.  This is a very new feeling and experience for us all. Mom is doing as well as she can.  She has expressed many times how extremely happy she is that everyone made it back home for Dad – Emily, the baby Sean, and I made it from Cincinnati; Sean flew in from Seattle.  Megan was here from across the river and Uncle Robby made the trek up from North Carolina.  Uncle Robby was a great help with everything.  He has worked with Hospice before and knew what to expect and let us know ahead of time.  It was nice hearing things from a loved one instead of a nurse (although the nurses di do a great job).  Mom expressed a number of times how happy she was that Emily and I made it up with little Sean.  When she spoke to dad a few days ago, Dad said the only thing he never got to do was hold his grandson.  We made sure that happened for a long while today.  Sean laid in Grandpop’s arms very peacefully and even slept for a while.
The next few days certainly won’t be easy for any of us.  There are a lot of steps to take care of and many feelings going around. We are all happy that dad has made the next step.  He went very peacefully.  We are surely going to miss him more than anyone knows.  Colonel Lawrence Cahill Jr. will be missed be many people – Air Force, American Red Cross, Friends, Family,.  We love you Dad! Keep watching over little Sean!

Feb 26 2008

Getting Closer….

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Nurse just came in and put emily in an upright position to help her “labor-down”. did a check and she is now at 9cm!!! Shouldn’t be too much longer :)  Mom is still in great spirits and saving her strength for the pushin.

Feb 25 2008

Another blog to visit!

My brother has worked for CarDomain.com in various titles and positions over the last few years.  When CarDomain shuttered its retail sales operation, they moved him over to the editorial department where he was blogging for the CarDomain Blog.  In the last month or so, he was given a whole other project, the SoundDomain Blog, in which he monitors and writes about all things car audio related.  If you need a place to keep up on all things car audio, including the latest in new electronics, custom installs, tools, and car shows – check them out!
Sean has also written two pieces for Forbes’ Magazines online car site.  They are Here and Here.

Feb 12 2008


Tag: Baby,Emily,Family,Friends,General,PaulPaul C. @ 11:27 pm

So I just happened to look at our countdown timer just now, and saw that it said twenty days and some odd hours and minutes.  Wow.  It really is coming up soon.  In 20 to 27 days, I will be sitting at Christ Hospital with my notebook in my lap, trying to console my wonderful wife who is going  through labor.  I’ve watched the TV shows, the videos, talked to friends – and this is certainly why guys don’t go thru labor. Its a woman thing and we guys couldn’t deal with it.

Twenty days – I will have a son, I will be (hopefully) moved into my new house, will have family and friends all around us, and experiencing life from a whole new meaning.  I’m very much looking forward to the next 30 days, as it ought to be very interesting!!


Feb 04 2008

Thinking about unplugging…

Right now I have instant messenger accounts on ICQ, Yahoo!, AIM/AOL, GoogleTalk, and my work’s Car-Part Messenger.  I’ve pretty much stopped using my Yahoo accounts because I was getting spammed; I don’t really like AOL – log into yoru account in two places? get spammed by AOL’s server to let you know – with no way of turning it off. ICQ is also bad with spam, even though my account number is one of the earliest ones of anyone I know – only six digits long, as I signed up back in 1996 or 1997.  I currently use Trillian to manage the accounts.  Aside from spam and annoying messages, its kind of silly for me to have all these messengers beacause of the handful of people i talk, most of them have two or more IM accounts in my list.  Kind of redundant.

So, first I am going to stop using Yahoo and AOL.  If you have paulhcahill in your yahoo! list…it was nice knowing you.  If you have an ICQ account and have PC (541449) in your list, you may see me around a bit longer, but I will likely phase that one out too.

Google Talk is free and works very well – it saves your history online (as an option), and has NO spam.  Plus it is compatible with AOL’s IM and i get zero spam on it. It’s also compatible with my Car-Part Messaging IM account.  Get it!

Jan 24 2008

Do’s and don’ts with babies

Tag: Baby,Family,Friends,Fun Links and Stuff,General,PaulPaul C. @ 1:20 pm

Do’s and don’ts with babies

(Big) Sean passed this link on to me. I guess he is concerned that maybe I won’t be educated enough when (little) Sean comes into our family. Here is an example:

Jan 09 2008

Baby Reagan

Tag: Baby,Friends,GeneralEmily @ 7:19 am

Paul and I got to meet baby Reagan last night! We went out to eat with Jim and Cathy and they brought her along. She is SOOOO cute!! I was amazed at how tiny she was (although Cathy tends to disagree..hehe). I loved watching her little facial expressions and movements. Now I REALLY can’t wait to have our little Sean! 🙂

Dec 27 2007

Welcome Baby Reagan!

Tag: Baby,Friends,GeneralEmily @ 6:06 pm

Jim and Cathy are proud parents of a new baby girl; Reagan Mae! She was born at 5:07pm, weighed 8lbs 8.2oz, and was 21″ long. We can’t wait to meet her! Little Sean is so excited about his future playmate!  Congrats!!

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