Feb 04

Thinking about unplugging…

Right now I have instant messenger accounts on ICQ, Yahoo!, AIM/AOL, GoogleTalk, and my work’s Car-Part Messenger.  I’ve pretty much stopped using my Yahoo accounts because I was getting spammed; I don’t really like AOL – log into yoru account in two places? get spammed by AOL’s server to let you know – with no way of turning it off. ICQ is also bad with spam, even though my account number is one of the earliest ones of anyone I know – only six digits long, as I signed up back in 1996 or 1997.  I currently use Trillian to manage the accounts.  Aside from spam and annoying messages, its kind of silly for me to have all these messengers beacause of the handful of people i talk, most of them have two or more IM accounts in my list.  Kind of redundant.

So, first I am going to stop using Yahoo and AOL.  If you have paulhcahill in your yahoo! list…it was nice knowing you.  If you have an ICQ account and have PC (541449) in your list, you may see me around a bit longer, but I will likely phase that one out too.

Google Talk is free and works very well – it saves your history online (as an option), and has NO spam.  Plus it is compatible with AOL’s IM and i get zero spam on it. It’s also compatible with my Car-Part Messaging IM account.  Get it!

3 Responses to “Thinking about unplugging…”

  1. sean c says:

    Paul… C’mon now. Killing the ICQ account?? Wow.

    Buddy lists will fly at half-screen the day the account is officially closed.

  2. Daniel says:

    No, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to put the smack down on this one and veto it.

    I require at least 20 ways to reach you at all times.

    so you just suck it up and treat those hootchie-bots like the ladies they are 😛

  3. Auntie Megan says:

    No! Not your ICQ account! That’s one of my few reliable communication links to you. I can’t afford a really decent cellphone package (remind me again why I went into the NFP sector…), so unless you want to talk via text msg, you bes’ be keeping ICQ. ;-p

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