Jun 14

New rooms!

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We’ve been hard at work lately trying to transform the rooms on the 2nd floor. We had a really fun time making Sean’s room a big boy room a few weeks ago. It’s Thomas land now, and he loves it. He finally has toys in there now, and really loves laying on his floor playing with all his toys. He’s even good at cleaning up!

Of course, there’s some pictures of his favorite thing…running around in his underpants. These were too cute not to post!

I spent the day today swapping the office/guest room and the baby room. We were orginally going to put the baby in the office, but Paul suggested making the guest room into the baby room. It’s a little bigger than the office, and the office is the only room with a cable/internet hookup upstairs, so we’d have to do some major changes to re-run those wires. I put all the baby furniture in the room today and it looks great. It really is making the fact that a new baby is on the way even more real! Only 2 more weeks, then we can pick out bedding, decorations, etc, for either a baby boy or girl!! Sean doesn’t like the room; he says the baby cant’ sleep in his crib or use his chair. 🙂

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  1. daniel says:

    hey, did he take my room???? that …lil….. ruckingfrusinas;lkdgh

  2. Mimi says:

    The rooms look great…and it makes wonderful sense to switch guest into old office…put the larger rooms to work everyday! looking forward to seeing them…and to the news on the 29th! mimi

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