Nov 03 2010

We are back home, some pre-game info and a thanks…

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Finally got home early afternoon today. I’m sure we have lots of posts to make and photos and videos to process and put online – but for now we are just settling in and getting situated. Sean was VERY sweet to Lily ( “Lily Sister” ) and Megabyte was happy to see us.
My main reason for posting this is to thank my mom. She came down late Saturday with the intentions of helping us clean the house to get it ready for Lily and spending Halloween with Sean. Sunday mom worked her tail off in the house while emily tended to sean and helped her out where a 9 month preggo woman could help 🙂 I worked in the garage with on on-site mechanic trying to get the montero up and running (it RUNS… still needs work and an exhaust).
Monday I had to work and emily had off so she and mom hung out. While at Olive Garden, Emily started to have strong, quick contractions and sent me a text to let me know to keep my afternoon open. She had a 330pm appt with her OB for her weekly checkup. By the time she saw him at 4, she was ready to go. I got the call and drove in. We were in our room by 4:30. At 9:29 her doc showed up with his game face on and let us know it was time to start pushing. By 9:39, Lillian was with us!
I think we got to bed around 2:30am that night after getting settled in and Skyping with some family and friends.
My main reason for writing this post is to thank my mom. She came down for a quick weekend visit and ended up taking care of Sean and our house for the time we were in the hospital. Was totally not a part of the plan and it made our lives SO much easier. It was also a special time for her – she was able bring Emily to the hospital and get her admitted, and spend time with her until I got there. After the birth, Brian stayed at our house so mom and Diana could come and visit our 1 hour old baby. We also found out that we wouldn’t be released until Wednesday. Mom’s boss let her stay an extra day and she again took care of our house and Sean for another day – a treat for both of them I’m sure!
We were very blessed and thankful to have Lillian come at a time when mom just happened to be around and be available.
Thank you mom – we love you!

Nov 01 2010

Welcome to the world!

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Lillian Catherine Cahill
7lbs 11 oz
20.75 inches
9:39pm on 11-01-10

Baby and mom are doing well.

Nov 01 2010

We’re at the hospital!

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Emily is doing fine and we are just waiting around for the baby to join us 🙂 Will keep people updated!

Oct 30 2010

She wasn’t quite ready…

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As most of you know, Paul and I were in the hospital for several hours last night but got sent home. I’d been having contractions on and off since Saturday, 10/23, some lasting for 2-3 hours but then they’d just stop. They never got consistent/regular or painful at all so I didn’t htink much of them. Throughout this week, I continued to have those patterns happen 1-2 times a day where I would start to time them, but they’d just be 8min/12min/6min/20min/18min, etc etc. Yesterday I finished working with the lady who will be subbing for me. She got 2 days to shadow me in my job, which is awesome and I feel great about leaving work now, and that things will be taken care of. As soon as I sat down in my car to go home, I starting having contractions, but these were much stronger and CLOSE together. I clocked them for an hour and they were consistently 3-5 minutes apart and getting stronger as I sat there. Called the Dr and I was ordered into the hospital.
We got to triage and were making bets about how dilated I would be, as I was 3cm on Tuesday. Unforutnatly, I was still 3cm so we were told to walk around the floor for an hour. So, Paul with his Ipod, and me in my little gown and awesome non-slippy hospital socks started walking. We ended up walking for 1.5 hours since there was a shift change at about the hour mark and no one came to get us. It was fine with me though, because I figured if nothing else, it would give more time for change. Things were definitely picking up while walking and I was sure we’d be staying. We got to walk by all the rooms with the new babies (about 1,000 times each) and we spent our walk reminiscing about Sean’s birth, and looking forward to Lily joining us. I was checked again after the walk and I was still 3cm. Bummer! We were sent home. Our entire ordeal in the hospital was 4.5 hours. Luckily though, I was given an Ambien to sleep through my contractions (which they said would either get worse through the night or just stop again) and we got to get some dinner, since I was STARVING.
I passed out as soon as we got home and woke up to no contractions this morning. Dang. On a positive note, I guess it’s a big sign that we need to finish up everything in the house, since she should be coming soon! I’m trying not to be too frustrated about the whole experience, but can’t help but think that she’s going to be a stubborn little thing! 🙂

Oct 20 2010

Here we go!

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I went to the doctor today and I’m 2cm dilated! Woohoo! I’m so excited. I’ve been in so much pain with my tailbone, and her stretching/kicking etc that I was hoping some ‘progress’ had been made down there this week. I have an induction date of Nov 10 but my doctor said he highly doubts that I’ll make it that long. I go back next Tuesday for another appointment.

Ok folks, it’s officially time to guess the due date!! Make a comment with your date guess and we’ll see who wins!

Oct 15 2010

Pumpkins & Leaves!

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We walked down the street tonight to get our pumpkins. Sean picked out both his and Lily’s pumpkins. When we got home, we made a giant pile of leaves and Sean jumped in them and ran through them. He had a great time!! Click on the picture to see our fall cutie!

Oct 15 2010

Less than a month to go!

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Wow…it’s been forever since I”ve posted anything on here. Life has been so busy, can’t imagine what life with 2 kiddos will be like! I think I’m officially “done” with this pregnancy. Between my recent battle with poison ivy (which is slowly getting better with the 6 bandaids that I keep on my hands at all time) and the usual discomforts of the end of pregnancy, I’ve also had a lot of trouble with my tailbone. I am going to the chiropractor about 3 times a week just to remain mobile. I guess Lily is in just the right position to push on my tailbone just enough that any movement side to side, going from standing to sitting and back to standing, or even just walking can be torturous. I’ve been moving SOO slow lately because I never know when the pain will come. It feels like a knife being stabbed into my tailbone with every movement. Dr says that it wont’ go away till the baby’s born b/c of her position…great.

Sean has been especially cute lately. He always wants to see my belly and ‘feel Lily sister move.” He has yet to actually feel her move, but likes to talk about it anyhow. He also says that he has a Thomas in his belly. He tells me to put my hand on his belly so I can feel Thomas move! Last night, my back was really hurting me, and he kept saying “Is Lily sister kicking you?” I told him no, and that my back just hurts. Later that night, he was cooking dinner with Paul and Sean said “my back hurts daddy” Paul asked why and Sean said “because Thomas is kicking me.” How cute!!

I went to Babies R Us today and got what I believe are the last few necessities before Lily arrives. I ordered a new pump since mine died and it should be here any day now. Hospital bag is pretty much packed, carseat is in the car, and plans are set up for Sean while we are gone. We’re ready for you Lily, come on out!!

Our friends Jim & Cathy had their baby on Wednesday and it made it really real that we are going to have a baby in this house really soon! Only about 28 more days! Paul – your counter on here is wrong – I’m due the 12th 🙂

Oct 14 2010

Pumpkin patch and corn mazes!

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Last weekend, we took a trip with Brian, Ashley, and Diana to the Iron’s Fruit Farm in Lebanon, OH. There were animals, a band, pumpkins, a hay ride, and a 16 acre corn maze. The weather was beautiful and warm. Sean has ton of fun in the maze. Everyone got apple fritters and Emily got an added bonus – poison ivy! We took a few pics (click photos to go to the gallery):

Oct 09 2010

Trip to St. Louis

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Last weekend, Emily, Sean, and I took a long weekend trip to St. Louis. Friday was the opening night for the Musical Megan was performing in (Moby Dick – The Musical) and Saturday night we had the wedding reception for one of my college friends, Greg Gates. My best friend from college, Kurt also flew in from Dallas for the event. We had a great time. Sunday we drove back into the city and had brunch with the bride and groom, some of their family, and friends (also from Murray State).
Saturday morning we took Sean to the St. Louis zoo. I think its one of the best zoo’s in the country. One of the best exhibits is the penguin facility. You get so close to them, that you can practically touch them (and probably could ifs people weren’t looking!). I snapped quite a few pics – some even of Sean 🙂 (click)

This is one of my favorites:

Sean got to ride the train too!

There are some pics at the end of the gallery of sean and his new bathtime favorite – bathtub crayons!

Oct 07 2010

Dad and Mom’s Gallery

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Dad spent a lot of time scanning his old slides and wood working in the garage building shaker style furniture. He kept the digital copies on his website ( which is now offline. This evening I imported all his galleries though, HERE.

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