Oct 15

Less than a month to go!

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Wow…it’s been forever since I”ve posted anything on here. Life has been so busy, can’t imagine what life with 2 kiddos will be like! I think I’m officially “done” with this pregnancy. Between my recent battle with poison ivy (which is slowly getting better with the 6 bandaids that I keep on my hands at all time) and the usual discomforts of the end of pregnancy, I’ve also had a lot of trouble with my tailbone. I am going to the chiropractor about 3 times a week just to remain mobile. I guess Lily is in just the right position to push on my tailbone just enough that any movement side to side, going from standing to sitting and back to standing, or even just walking can be torturous. I’ve been moving SOO slow lately because I never know when the pain will come. It feels like a knife being stabbed into my tailbone with every movement. Dr says that it wont’ go away till the baby’s born b/c of her position…great.

Sean has been especially cute lately. He always wants to see my belly and ‘feel Lily sister move.” He has yet to actually feel her move, but likes to talk about it anyhow. He also says that he has a Thomas in his belly. He tells me to put my hand on his belly so I can feel Thomas move! Last night, my back was really hurting me, and he kept saying “Is Lily sister kicking you?” I told him no, and that my back just hurts. Later that night, he was cooking dinner with Paul and Sean said “my back hurts daddy” Paul asked why and Sean said “because Thomas is kicking me.” How cute!!

I went to Babies R Us today and got what I believe are the last few necessities before Lily arrives. I ordered a new pump since mine died and it should be here any day now. Hospital bag is pretty much packed, carseat is in the car, and plans are set up for Sean while we are gone. We’re ready for you Lily, come on out!!

Our friends Jim & Cathy had their baby on Wednesday and it made it really real that we are going to have a baby in this house really soon! Only about 28 more days! Paul – your counter on here is wrong – I’m due the 12th 🙂

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