Feb 26

So my hearing isn’t as bad as I thought.

Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

6 Responses to “So my hearing isn’t as bad as I thought.”

  1. Jason says:

    Yep, heard it. That’s the same sound I hear when we turn on the tv in the bedroom. I can be in the basement and hear that sound through the house. Good to see you’re ears haven’t aged as fast as the rest of you 😡

  2. Auntie Gamma says:

    And mine is . . . I kept clicking this because it just wasn’t working LOL – all of a sudden Wesley yelled from the other room — NO KIDDING – what the heck is that noise – ahhh – what is that – he ran in my room and said MOM MOM – what IS THAT???? Meanwhile I was laughing hysterically which he thought was not funny at all . . .very funny . . . and happy birthday to that squishy boy!!!!! I remember a year ago today!!!!

  3. Paul C. says:

    Jason – Its friends like you that keep me young. right. uh huh.

    Flo – That’s AWESOME! You should make it your ringtone!! Sean misses you!

  4. Aunt Brenda Ketelhut says:

    Obviously this does not work because I heard it just fine and I am as old as dirt. 42 (hahahaha)

  5. Ashley S says:

    oh my gosh – that hurt! Brian was sitting next to me when I clicked on “play”. He said he felt like he was going back in time …get it? Lost! ha … That sound was terrible.

  6. Daniel says:

    I agree with jason, pretty similar to the noise a tv puts out… i can hear who has their tv on from the street… it’s like a freight train sometimes!

    i’m hard of hearing but i can hear the higher tones well

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