Dec 10 2008


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Ok, third post today, but it’s been awhile…

Sean’s vocabulary is getting quite substantial. He’s now saying:

Baba (bottle)
Ah-dun (done)
Nye-Nye (when he’s tired and wants to go to bed)

He’s getting too big for his own britches.

Dec 10 2008

Any guesses?

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Sean is getting really close to walking. He’s always letting go of the tables and chairs or anything he’s holding on to, and standing on his own for 10-15 seconds. He and I have been playing “come to mommy” lately, where he will let go of what he’s holding on to with one hand and stretch really far to reach me, then take one “kind of” step toward me and fall forward into my arms. He’s turning into a real daredevil, and if you aren’t careful, he’ll launch toward you when you aren’t looking and plummet to the floor. Hehe.

His school (daycare) said that today he stood up from a seated position, without holding on to anything. Wow!! Can’t wait to see that!

Any guesses on when the big “first steps” will be?

Dec 10 2008

Fun with Dad

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I took these pictures awhile ago, sorry that I’m just getting around to posting them. Here’s Sean having some fun with his Daddy; getting thrown in the air, flipped upside down, giving nose kisses, etc. 🙂

Dec 07 2008

Update on “Grams”

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Sean and I got back late this afternoon from New York. We had a good visit with Oma, Opa and Aunt Cate. 🙂 I spent 12 hours on Saturday in the hospital with my mom, Uncle Bob, Aunt Sue and Aunt Laurie. We spent time our time in the ICU waiting room, taking turns going in to be with/visit with Gramma.

Grams has been sick for a few weeks, and has been in and out of the hospital for what seemed like minor sickness, but returned home the most recent time, and ended up being transported to the ER not too much later. She has what’s called Clostridium difficile, or “C Diff” in short. She hasn’t been doing very well; her kidneys have shut down and she’s in septic shock. Through the weekend, she had times of mental improvement, but the physical symptoms were never better. She started getting edema, and now has another infection that they can’t treat because of the medications she’s already on for the c diff.

Family continues to hold her up in prayer, and stay by her side. We’re not sure what the outcome is going to be at this point, we are just praying for her healing and comfort.

I”ll update as I know more…

Dec 05 2008

Prayers and Thoughts

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Emily and Sean are on their way to to New York right now. Emily’s grandmother (Diana’s mother) is not doing well and is in the ICU, so please keep them in your thoughts.

A Couple of wonderful ladies!

Dec 05 2008

Someone was actually listening…

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Knight Rider has been canceled! HURRAY!!

Dec 03 2008

What kind of driver are you?

How dangerous of a driver are you?

Created by The Car Connection

Dec 02 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

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This post is a little late, but what a great weekend. We were surrounded by family and friends, had a wonderful dinner Thursday night, spent some time relaxing and bopping around town Friday and Saturday, and had Sean’s baptism today. Sean did a wonderful job during the service and was as cute as ever! Check out pictures from the past week and the baptism below:

Also, we got a picture of the tooth! We held him town Thanksgiving night and got a shot of it!

Dec 02 2008

New (expensive) ride

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Sean got a new carseat on Sunday. He’s getting way too big for his pumpkin seat and HATES being put in it. We’ve been meaning to get a new one for him, especially since he has to be all bundled up now that it’s cold…less room in the already small carseat. We were going back and forth between a couple of carseats, but ended up choosing the Britax Boulevard. I’ve had my eye on that carseat since I was pregnant…it’s pretty darn expensive, but it’s rated as the safest out there:

I installed it yesterday and it actually fits very well in my car. The other carseat we were looking at would probably have been way too big. Anyway, Sean got to ride in it for the first time yesterday. He screamed and straightened himself out like he always does, but once I got him in and got the car moving, the screaming stopped. I looked back at him and he was cooing and talking “dadadadada” (his word for everything these days) while looking out all the windows. I realized that he was having a blast because he could see out of the car for the first time! Hopefully he’ll love the new view and start enjoying being in the carseat. 🙂

Thanks again Gramma Narni for helping out with the cost of the seat!!

Dec 02 2008

Clap Handies!

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After I brought Sean home from “school” yesterday, we were playing in the living room. We were playing “knock down the tower.” He picked up two duplo blocks, one in each hand, and started hitting them together, which he’d never done before. I think the look of shock on my face made him laugh, so he kept doing it. I picked up some blocks and did it with him. We sat there and hit blocks together and laughed for about 10 minutes. If you remember the paper tearing video, it was like that. He got laughing so hard he would fall over sideways and have to catch himself. I think he realized what a big feat it was to clap things together, or maybe my pure excitement just made him excited 🙂 It’s so neat to watch him gain all of these little skills…our boy is getting so big!

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