Jan 22 2006

Bricks finished

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 4:38 pm

Looks like they finished the bricks sometime between Friday and Saturday. It looks really great. The mortar is still drying, so the bricks will appear a lot lighter in a few days. Rick, the building supervisor said that we get all our inspections for HVAC, plumbing, and electric early next week and then drywall by the end of the week. Yay!

Click here to see more pictures

Jan 19 2006

Bricks started!

Tag: The HousePaul C. @ 11:45 pm

Yay! Our first 5-6 feet of bricks were layed (?) today. They look really good. A little dark, but I think that’s just because the mortar is still wet, making them look darker than they really are.

Check them out! Click here to see.


Jan 18 2006

Wires, wires, everywhere

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 5:54 pm

The builders have done a lot this week! Today was my first time out to the house since the weekend. It looks like they’ve finished all the plumbing – everything looks ready for installation of sinks & toilets. They are working hard on wiring now. All the rooms have switch boxes and outlet boxes, and boxes in the ceilings and bathrooms for lights. The washer and dryer hookups are installed. There are wires running everywhere through the walls, in the attic…what a mess! Glad I’m not an electrician, I’d be so confused.

From our construction task completion list, looks like once they finish the plumbing and electric rough-ins, insulation and drywall are next! Woohoo!!

They still haven’t started on the bricks. Don’t know if that’s because of our crazy weather lately or that they just delivered them way early.

Click here for pictures

Jan 17 2006


Tag: Fun Links and StuffPaul C. @ 2:13 pm

While going through the recent posts during lunch on AutoBlog, it got me thinking of the cars I have driven since I got my license. Here is my list:

  • 1983 Dodge Ram Pioneer Van -two tone brown (tan with dark brown mid section all around), tan plaid interior. Shared this with Sean. Nickname was C-Tank. The Tank was traded in for my mom’s 93 Explorer in 93.
  • 1987 Honda Civic Si – red, first manual transmission. Went through three clutches. This is one of the cars that kept Steve’s Auto Body in O’Fallon, IL in the black finiancially, I’m sure ;). Shared this one with Sean as well. Sean and I installed a sony CD player, Sony MKII90 equalizer, some generic amplifier and some 6×9’s dad put in boxes in the hatch. I think we later added a sub to the mix. I finally killed the Civic driving to work (Baskin Robbins). Was messing with the stereo and nailed the end of an highway island divider curb at 40mph.
  • 1988 Mitsubishi Montero Sport – 2 Door, 5 speed, Red. I LOVED this truck. It wasn’t fast, but it was rugged (except for the transmission…) and could go anywhere. If want to own another one of these one day. You can still find Montero’s and its cousin the Dodge Raider around the US. I sold this for $350 (KBB private party was $3000) after Auffenburg Mitsubishi in O’Fallon, IL diagnosed it with a bad block or head or something. Sold it to a friend of my sisters and it turned out to be bad spark plugs in 3 of the cylinders. I was really ticked off.
  • 1991 Eagle Talon TSI AWD – white, 5 speed, turbo, all wheel drive. Loved this car too. Parents weren’t happy about another turbo car after Sean’s Ford Probe GT fiasco, but I was in heaven. This lead me to the DSM Community. Sold the car in Dec 2001 to a St. Louis DSM member when I bought my next one
  • 1992 Eagle Talon TSI FWD – Maroon, 5 speed, red(!!) interior. Its sad when you buy a new car to replace another and realize the first day…that you don’t like it as much. Going from an AWD car to a FWD car was a big let-down. Torque steer in the snow or rain is not fun. Never-the-less, this car had low miles, was in decent shape, so it was OK for a daily driver. I had fun modifying it though. Of course, when I saw and ad on the Cinci DSM Yahoo Groups for my next car, I didn’t think twice about selling this one!!
  • 1998 Eagle Talon TSI AWD – Black w/ grey leather, 5 speed, AWD – I got this car for pretty much a steal – about $2500+ less than the KBB value. It was already pretty modified (suspension, exhaust, intake, and some others), had only ~60k miles, and much to emily’s happiness – it had airbags. Since I bought it, I’ve upgraded the injectors, fuel pump, pump, turbo, added a front mount intercooler, new wheels, paint job plus new bumper cover and drivers side fender, stereo and other things.
  • Also have my 94 Yamaha FZR 600R motorcycle 🙂
    So whats next? I know I will have to get something that has four doors, or can easily haul kids around, but it still can be fun! Maybe I will go back to the truck route with the Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Liberty Renegade, or Wrangler…or maybe I will stick with teh fun 4 cyl cars and go with an EVO or WRX/STI. There are so many cars out now and that will be out in the next 2-3 years, its going to be a tough choice. I’ll probably have to stick with the Talon until we are settled into the new mortgage.
    What about you? what have you been behind the wheel of?

    Jan 16 2006

    Say goodbye to Emily

    Tag: GeneralEmily @ 3:55 pm

    Just a fair warning to everyone, don’t be offended if you don’t hear from me in the next two months. I have, like always, taken on 2,000 too many things and will not have any time for a life until late April.

    As most of you know, I started taking karate again after 10 years (I did it from 4th – 10th grade). I ran across my Sensei about a year ago; he started a new Christian karate school in Florence, KY. I decided to start back up; I’ve always wanted to but never had the time. It’s amazing what 10 years will do to the body and memory. Well, he told me this weekend that he wanted me to test for black belt in March. I’m really excited; it’s a lifetime goal of mine to achieve my black belt, but I worry because I’m so out of shape.

    I’m getting back to Gold’s Gym to work out every day in order to get in shape for the test. 8 weeks to go!

    I’ve also been asked to be a team member on the next women’s Walk to Emmaus in April. I have team meetings almost every Tuesday from now until April, and the actual weekend in mid-April.

    So my weekly schedule now consists of working out every morning, going to work, then karate 3 hours on Monday nights, Emmaus meetings Tuesday nights, working late Wednesday night (I work a later shift on Wednesdays), karate for 3 hours Thursday nights, NOTHING on Fridays, and karate on Saturdays for 2 hours. BLEH.

    So…between getting ready to test for my black belt, the Walk to Emmaus, building our house that will be completed in April, going on vacation in April, work, being on-call for work every 3 weeks, and every-day life things, I will be lucky to come out on top. But, once May comes life will be grand, we’ll be in our new house, and I’ll be a-ok.

    Wish me good-luck ’till then and pray for my sanity.


    Jan 13 2006

    Shingles & Plumbing

    Tag: The HousePaul C. @ 5:28 pm

    They are finished with our shingles. Roof looks good so far as I can tell *shrugs*

    They did a lot of plumbing today. Looks pretty much done except pipes going to future sinks.

    Click here to see pictures.

    Paul and I are getting away tonight for a romantical *awwwwww* night in Cincinnati. We’re going to go eat at a yummy Thai/Suishi restaurant, then spend the night at the Millennium Hotel downtown, and hit the Freedom Center tomorrow afternoon. Should make for a wonderful getaway from the ‘rents and puppy 🙂

    Jan 12 2006

    Brick pictures online

    Tag: The HouseEmily @ 8:46 am

    I found pictures of our bricks online. If you want to see what they will look like:
    (unfortunatly, I can’t do a direct link to the page)

    –> click “Mid-West Collection”
    –> click “search by brick color”
    –> click “grey”
    –> choose the top middle brick (new generation)

    -These are our bricks. You can also choose “view panel” on the top right and see a closeup.

    Jan 11 2006

    Tag: The HouseEmily @ 6:06 pm

    Our furnace is now installed, along with the ductwork, wires, etc that go with it. There are also wires extending to the outside rear of the house where the a/c unit will be. Looks like the duct work is completed in the basement and most of the first floor.

    Our shingles were delivered today too, so I imagine we’ll see a lot of progress in the next week or so with bricks, shingles, and electrical work.

    Unfortunatly it rained for the past two days and the tar paper on the roof came off slightly. The plywood on the first and second floors in one area was all wet, and it leaked all the way through to the basement. Oh well, guess that happens all the time. Can’t wait for the roof to be done!

    Jan 10 2006

    HVAC rough-in and bricks delivered

    Tag: The HouseEmily @ 11:23 am

    We haven’t posted on the house in about a week. There hasnt’ been much huge progress, just some small items that take a lot of time. Over the weekend, Paul and I went out and they had done the HVAC rough-in. All the holes were cut for the vents in the rooms, and some of the duct work was installed. The vent hoses for the fans in the bathrooms were also installed. There’s also some pictures of our windows , front door, and basement (they installed the stairs).

    Click here to see more pictures

    Yesterday (Monday) I went out to the house and saw that the bricks had been delivered. LJ (sales counselor) said that the bricks should only take 1.5 days if it doesn’t rain.

    Click here to see more pictures

    Jan 09 2006

    New Book

    Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 12:22 pm

    My favorite author, Greg Iles has a new book out. I gues I’ll have to go pick up a copy (or order it online to save a few bucks). My dad gave me my first book written by Greg Iles. I let my brother borrow a couple of them ones I bought (Sean…will I ever get those back?? 🙂 ) and he liked them as well. I think Emily has read just about all of Mr. Iles’ books as well. I’ll let every one know how I like it after I finish it.

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