Apr 10 2007

Back from Vacation

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We got back Saturday from our spring vacation.  This year we went on cruise with Diana, Phil and Philip.  We were on Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas.  We left Sat. March 31 from New Orleans, stopped in Georgetown Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, and Cozumel and ended back in New Orleans.  The cruise was awesome; we had great weather, the ports were great and it was very relaxing.  Check out pictures below:



Feb 06 2007


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Sorry to all our avid readers *smirk* that we haven’t posted in awhile.  We’ve both been really busy with work, Dliberation work, friends and family.  I was thinking back to this time last year, when we were buying our house, living at my mom’s, I was preparing for my black belt test, Emmaus was going on, we were having all sorts of car trouble, etc.  Whew, what a stressful few months!

Now, a year later, it’s happening again…not so many big things going on, but this time of year seems to be a tough one for us to get through.  We’re both swamped at work, there’s another black belt test coming up (thankfully this time I just get to watch everyone else), we have 3 mock trials coming up in the next month with Dliberation Resources, plus we are squeezing in a visit to St. Louis, and a couple of on-call weekends for me, and of course, Brian and Ashley’s upcoming wedding.

Luckily though, we’ve got Lost, Survivor, and The Amazing Race starting back up again (which we love), a great cruise to the Caribbean (YAY!), and April, which in general is our “ahhhhh, it’s all over” month.  Hopefully we’ll get back to posting soon, just wanted to keep everyone updated.


Jul 05 2006

New York

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We’re back from our wonderfully restful New York vacation! We went from June 23 – July 3rd. We got to see lots of family and spend a lot of time doing nothing but relaxing; which we really needed.

We left KY Friday the 23rd and drove 9 hours to Syracuse, NY. When we got there at 2:30am we decided to stop instead of driving the last 3 hours that night. We got up at 7am and finished the drive, got to Emily’s dad’s house in time to jump in the shower, get dressed and head out for Cate’s (Emily’s sister) high school graduation. The ceremony was very nice and Colleen got to hand Cate her diploma which was really cool. We went out to eat and mini golfing after the ceremony.

Sunday was Cate’s graduation party at our Uncle Danny’s house (Colleen’s brother). It was a little warm and muggy, but we had great food and played some great rounds of cornhole! We again went mini-golfing afterwards (one of our family’s favorite pastimes).

Monday – Thursday Paul and I pretty much stayed at my mom’s cabin while she flew back to KY to drop my brother off at a summer camp. Her cabin is now finished, and beautiful! We had a nice relaxing time there, even though it rained the whole time. We had quite the fiasco with their motorboat on the lake. There had been so much rain that the boat flooded and came withing 3 inches of sinking! The road out to the lakefront where the boat was moored was flooded, so I had to get in the little dingy and row about 200 yards out to it. I spent the next hour bilging and bailing water; what fun! My mom also lost her very expensive kayak to the flood, but Phil ended up finding it on Saturday; it had been found by a boy a few camps down the lake.

On Saturday, Paul and I went to my dad’s camp on the Great Sacandaga Lake. The Lake was flooded as well, it had risen about 4 feet in a matter of days. Everyone’s docks were torn apart or sunken, and many boats were flipped over and sunk. Even the mooring balls that boats were tied to on the lake were under water, it was so flooded.
We went to the Sacandaga dam, which usually barely has a trickle of water, but since the water was so high, it was gushing over it like Niagra Falls. There were tons of people out on the road taking pictures and video. Apparently, it’s only the 5th time since 1930 that it’s gushed over the dam like that. Pretty cool.
We had a nice time at the cabin, Meg got to swim, we watched some fireworks from my uncle’s camp down the road, and ate smore’s by the fire that night.

Megabyte went with us to New York. She had an unbelievable time; she got to sit out on screen porches the whole time and smell all the woodsy Adirondack smells, and got to go swimming for the first time in her life. We got some really cute pictures of her swimming and hanging out.

I got to read a few of my books in the Left Behind series; I’m now on book 8: The Mark. Philip (my little brother) is still reading them, and my mom has started the series as well.

That’s all for now; be sure to check out all the pictures from our trip in our gallery, there’s pictures in the following folders: Cate’s Graduation, Diana’s Cabin, Megabyte, and Vacations.

Jun 12 2006

Mom’s cabin

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Spent the weekend of June 2-4 in New York for the official “move in” of my mom’s cabin. We finally got some pictures online (see below). The cabin is beautiful!!! Paul and I drove her two dogs up there along with my little brother. Crazy, quick weekend.
Paul and I are going up to NY again in a few weeks, so we’ll get some more pictures of her cabin and stuff. We’re even going to take Megabyte with us! She’s never been to New York before, so she’ll get to meet all of her NY family 🙂

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