May 07

New Pictures

Tag: Chip,General,Megabyte,The HouseEmily @ 10:41 pm

Put up a couple sets of pictures from the last few days…

First, the bunny hole. As described in the post below, here are some pictures of it after mowing and fur removal. There are a couple of cute pictures of Megabyte in there too 🙂 The lat picture is one of her tonight (5/7/07) sitting in the dark in the yard about 5 feet from the empty nest/hole, staring at it…just waiting for the bunnies to come back. Cute stuff.

Next, are pictures of Chip, just doing his thing. There are two pictures of him in his new favorite sleeping spot; in the recycling basket in the kitchen, and a few of him in a very dainty relaxation posture. 😉 Wierd cat.

And last but not least, some pictures of the day lilies that we transplanted from New York (at Emily’s dad’s) last summer and planted along the side of our house. We were worried that they wouldn’t take, with the differences in climate and soil, but they are up and growing strong. They haven’t bloomed yet, but it’s still early in the season. We can’t wait until then!

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