May 30 2008

Fun Video – Weezer

Weezer’s new Pork and Beans video starting many famous YouTube personalities! See if you can spot them all 🙂

May 19 2008

I bit the bullet…

Tag: Computers and ElectronicsPaul C. @ 3:49 pm

And it didn’t explode. I upgraded to the latest wordpress available (2.5.x) and I hope that does it. I guess let me know if you all still see popups. This 2.5 interface on the wordpress backend is *way* different from 2.0.3. Going to take some getting used to.
On the plus side – I can now switch themes without the site falling apart. Excellent.

May 19 2008

website was hacked

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,Grrr,really..?!Paul C. @ 3:39 pm

Due to an old version of wordpress, our website was hacked this morning by Q8 and Killer Hack. Looks like I need to bite the bullet and upgrade the wordpress install on here. Doing so may make us lose some features that I’ve added to the theme over time – heck it will likely break the website altogether!  Whatever the case, I will need to take the website offline to fix it.  I will leave the gallery up, but the blog will be down.  If anyone is curious, the hacker used this IP – – to access the site.  They used some kind of exploit on my wordpress version to change my 404.php page to be this:

click to enlarge

This basically gave them a file editor and complete control (as if they had ftp access) to the website.  With it, they browsed folders and upload/overwrote the main index file on this, and other websites I have hosted on this account. It was replaced with this:

click to enlarge

I believe this is the same way/reason our site is providing popup spam.  I haven’t located that yet, but I’ve looked a good deal.  Because of all this, will be briefly going offline for an overhaul.  Probably really needed to anyway.  May get a new theme while I’m at it.

Apr 25 2008

Website Review: Schefold’s Home Page

schefold’s Home Page

I stumbled upon this today and thought I would give it a review.  In Web 2.0 standards it gets a big fat “F+”!  However, it does provide some interesting links and information.  For instance did you know that  someone named Ty Shaffer and I have something in common – we both like to make fun of Brian! Brian provides links to his friend’s webpages as well, although he is lacking as well as (probably for a good reason though! 🙂 )

Apr 21 2008

Save some cash on your cell phone bill

Cell Phone Advisor – BillShrink

I think I originally saw this on (AWESOME site), but just now got around to looking at it.  You input your current cell phone plan information, your usage information (or what you would like to use) and it finds your a service provider and plan that would work best for your needs!  Emily and I are no longer in a cell phone contract and have been toying with the idea for a couple years to find something that would better our needs.  I’ve been with SprintPCS for 10 years this year (non stop mind you! how many other people can claim that??) and while I do like them, they never have good deals on their cell phones, you can’t simply switch in a sim card to a different phone and have all your contacts etc. and their phone selectiong is either childish or too professional for my needs.  Maybe after using this website, I’ll sick Emily on them like we did two years ago to get us a better deal.  I’d really like to use their wireless internet on my HTC Apache (thanks dmoney!), but the plans for that service are ridiculous for those of us who would only use it occasionally – but don’t want to pay a per minute or per Kb rate.  Playing around on the site showed me that I could probably save $240 a year by switching to T-Mobile Family plan.

Apr 16 2008

you’re kidding, right?

The Body-laptop interface is knitted from Thneed which nobody, Nobody, NOBODY needs – Engadget

Would you REALLY wear this in public?   Is your spreadsheet REALLY that important?  If so you probably shouldn’t be working on it anyway because if you are in public you are probably on the wireless network at starbucks or the airport and someone is probably sniffing your packets anyway.

Apr 16 2008

Shutdown Day

Shutdown Day

Mark your calendars for May 3, 2008 – its the annual ShutDown Day!  This is a day where you shut your computer off and don’t touch it for 24 hours.  Can you do it?  Its a Saturday so I think I am going to try it out this year 🙂

Apr 04 2008

Calling all gear-heads…

Sean (the big sean, not the lil sean) works for and they are looking to get more content on their website. If you are in a car club and want to spread the word about it, check this out:

We’re looking for people as crazy about cars as we are to give us the inside scoop on all the great auto events happening around the world. Everything is on the table, from 4×4 parties in the woods to hot rod meets at the local hamburger joint to Friday night showdowns at the drag strip.

You don’t have to be a photographer. You just have to take pictures. It’s a great way to get press for your car club, or just show off your pictures to the world. Plus, submitting events earns CarDomain swag! Interested? Click Here

Oh – did I mention you get free stuff for doing it?  You will get a free CarDomain Tshirt for each event you cover (they make really cool shirts too!  I’ve got two or three).  They are working on other stuff to sweeten the pot as well.

Mar 24 2008

New Feature – Visitor Map!

I added some code to the website to track where our visitors are coming from. There is a new page under the “Links” menu. It will show you this map:
Profile Visitor Map - Click to view visits
Clicking on the map above will bring you to the map details on MapLoco’s website.  The image is updated every 24 hours and there is a list on the MapLoco website detailing the visitor details which is updated every 5 minutes.

Mar 20 2008

New Feature: Subscriptions!

Tag: Computers and Electronics,General,PaulPaul C. @ 9:32 am

You can now subscribe to our blog and get a daily email when we post a new entry to our blog. Subscribe here:

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