May 04

What’s happening?

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Wow, it’s been FOREVER since I posted on here. I’ve been really busy lately, especially with the school year coming to a close soon.

1) Speaking of the school year ending, everyone supposedly hears from the school district if their job is renewed for next year, on May 15th. (Please keep me in your thoughts!) As you probably know, I ventured into the unknown last August and left my job at NorthKey to work as a Transition Coordinator in a local school district. It’s a year-to-year job, and the uncertainty of it was one of the negatives. I think, however, that the position has gotten a very positive response this year, and I hope that it (and I) will be renewed for next year. I’ve been working with the other coordinators on improvements for next year, and I’ve started putting together some data collection tools for the program so that we can track our effectiveness over the next few years. We have a HUGE 3-day transition summit in June in Bardstown, KY and our district (i.e. me and the other 2 coordinators) have to present about the “wonderful” things we’re doing in our district. Woopee! 😉 Add that to the growing stack of items on my plate *sigh*

2) I have some pictures from a few weeks ago that Paul bragged about that are finally edited and ready to go. Click below to see them.

3) I have a new hobby!!! I’m A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D to couponing! I just started about a month ago, and have already learned so much. Who knew that there could be so many complexities in grocery shopping?! LOL
Some of my more recent STEALS: Last week I got the following for FREE (yes, completely free): 2 bags of cat food (which I am donating to a cat shelter), a box of bandaids and 2 toothbrushes. Wow! FREE! My major deal from today was with Schick razors. I have had a few $4 off coupons for Schick Quattro razors (which are very nice disposables if you didn’t know…hehe…I Know, my life is boring) but the razors which usually retail for around $8.99 have never been on sale enough for me to feel like I”m getting enough of a deal. But tonight, thy were on sale at Kroger for $5.49 (unheard of) and I had 2, $4.00 off coupons PLUS 2 Buy One Get One Free coupons. So, I ended up getting 4 packages of the razors which usually retail for $8.99 for a mere $.75 each!!! Holy Crap! 🙂 I know, I’m weird. So, if anyone has some extra time and feels like sending their coupon inserts (SmartSource & Redplum) from the Sunday paper to me, I’d be ecstatic! 🙂 Paul thinks I’m nuts, but likes that I’ve found a hobby that actually saves us money. My trip to the store tonight cost me $45.66, but after my coupons, cost me just $14.28. I kick ass.

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