Mar 18

He amazes me

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My mom and I were hanging out with Sean after school (we call his daycare “school”) today, and I was going through his little after school routine of snack, then playing with him and my mom was laughing all the things he was doing and understanding. I guess I didn’t realize how much he’s really picked up lately, especially in understanding what we’re saying to him. He talks through his snack, asking for more, and a drink, and pointing toward his goldfish crackers when he wanted some of those. After our snack, I told him to head into the kitchen and find his music (his car wash toy on the fridge), which he did, and played with for awhile. I then asked him if he wanted to give Megabyte a cookie (which he LOVES to do), so he headed right over to where the cookies are and held up his hand toward the box. He grabbed a couple, called Megabyte over to him (he calls out “Rey-right” which is how he says Megabyte) and then gave her the cookies one by one. Then I said that Meg had to go outside, so he walked over to the back door and pointed at it and said “ow-dye” (outside). He lets me open the door and let Meg out, then closes the door behind her. Then I said “ok, let’s go back to the kitchen and play” and he turned around and walked back to his fridge toy.

I guess I’m so used to it, that I fail to notice how much he’s comprehending and talking these days. It’s amazing how much he’s learned in the past month or so.

Also, when we saw Reagan over the past weekend, she had a really neat picture book that Sean liked. I , of course, got it for him, along with one more. He’s already starting to learn to point to pictures and say what they are. Check them out:

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