Mar 17

Long time, no post

Tag: SeanAndrewEmily @ 11:15 am

Sorry that it’s been so long since we’ve posted. We’ve been pretty busy around here, but now that I”m on spring break, I figured that I had no excuse but to post.

We have a few pictures of Sean the night of Ashley’s birthday dinner. He’s wearing his snazzy shirt and vest that always looked so big to me hanging in the closet…and now it fits him perfectly. He’s getting too big!!

We also have a few videos that we haven’t edited in awhile. First is Sean and the never ending box of baggies. What a mess he made, but it was sure fun!

The next video is of Sean dancing. We’ve been trying to get a video of all his moves, but this only shows his bouncy move and twisty move. He’s got a few more. Hopefully we can catch him in a good mood sometime soon. Paul thought it’d be cute to have him dance to Vanilla Ice, hehe. Please excuse our messy room; we’re in the process of moving our office upstairs 😉

Sean is growing up so fast. His walking is getting really smooth and I bet he’ll start running any day now. His vocabulary continues to grow as well. I think he’s up to about 12-15 words now. He really enjoys playing and learning and dancing! He still carries his kitty around everywhere too. I’ll try not to go so long without posting next time!

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