Mar 09

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I’m starting a new thread about the yard since that one was getting so long…

As I posted in the last thread, we spoke with the constuction supervisor who understood our complaints / concerns about our yard. I still haven’t gotten new pictures of the yard since the ones in our gallery from the 4th. Basically, as our yard is now, the only place our yard is flat is straight across from the jut-out to the left side of the house (toward the living room window). You can kind of see the top of the flat part in the picture below, then the yard slopes straight down from there. As it stands now, we’d have our future deck over the flat area, which leaves us with no level yard extending past the deck. The slope starts from the tip of the jut-out area down to the back. The picture doesn’t do justice to the amount of sloping, but it’ll give you an idea anyway.

What they will/can do:
The construction supervisor said that they will cut down 1-2 feet of dirt from the top of the yard. This will bring the dirt against the back of the house from right under the siding line, to about 2 feet below it. Then, they will flatten out the yard 15-18 feet past the point of the jut-out of the kitchen. This will leave the rest of the back of the yard with a slight slope (less than or equal to the slope currently). This will give us 15-18 feet of usable yard for hang-out, yard games, picnic table, swingset, etc, etc…Sound good so far to us.

They plan to do all this in the next week or so, when they backfill the foundation of the house next to us.

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  1. Chris says:

    Glad to hear they’re working with you and that there is some good news concerning it.

  2. Kurt says:

    Glad they are discussing options with you. That means they know they were in the wrong. Just be carefull that they do not plan on stripping away dirt from around the house and pusing it out into the yard to level it. This would give you 15′ or so of level yard but the rest of the slope would be more dramitic. I am sure you guys will stay on top of it. Just remember dirt is not perminate, it can be moved, and contrary to your builders statement about needing somplace to put the dirt on your lot – that is why dump trucks were invented, to move dirt many miles away.

  3. Greg says:

    It sounds like everything is better… but if it’s not, see if you can get a truckload of dirt (or two) delivered to get the proper grade and see if the builder will move it around with their bobcat.

    Just a thought.

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