Dec 31

3 more on the way

Tag: SeanAndrewEmily @ 9:43 am

No, I’m not pregnant with triplets…

Sean has three more teeth ready to pop through! You can see the second tooth through the gums on the bottom, and the two front teeth on top are just bulging under his gums. Poor guy, he had a rough day at ‘school’ yesterday, and had to get Tylenol through the night to sleep. Pretty soon there won’t be any more of his smushy kisses 🙁 Get them while you can!

He also cracked me up yesterday with his new fascination. I got a short video of it, I’ll try to find time to post it soon. Yesterday he was fascinated with making a bubble with his mouth and letting it pop. I kept hearing him say “mwa mwa mwa” really slowly, and when I looked over, he was making a big spit bubble while slowly opening his mouth, then saying “mwa” to pop it. So cute and funny! He did it about 100 times, guess he liked the feel of it 🙂

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