Dec 20

Fun Time Flying..

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We are finally in New York for the holiday. Our great trip started on Thursday when I got an automated call from delta letting us know our flight was canceled and we were rebooked for Saturday evening. Wonderful So I sicked emily on Delta to get us on another flight on Friday. She got us onto a Northwest Airlines flight that had a layover in Detroit. We were originally scheduled to make it to Albany by 1030pm.
When we got to CVG to start our trip, the desk agent could not find our reservation that Delta created. Emily called Delta and found it for him. That took us about 45 minutes. Next we find out NWA charged $15 per checked bag. Great. They were nice enough not to charge for the 63lb bag (50lb limit). Merry Christmas, here’s my $30.
After waiting in line forever at the TSA check, we discovered that since our tickets were only 24 hours old, we were lucky enough to be given a full security check – all our bags, both my laptops, etc. Its now about 645pm and our plane leaves at 7:10. Luckily we were flying out of concourse A.
We finally get on our plane and the captain makes an announcement that we are 300lbs overweight on luggages and 400lbs overweight on fuel. This makes us unable to land. His solution was to sit on the runway and run the engines at partial throttle to burn off the 400 extra pounds of fuel. Wonder how much that just cost the airlines? Give me a bucket and a plastic tube and we could have siphoned it out! 🙂
After 30 minutes or so, we finally get in the air. Uneventful but short flight. We land in Detroit in the very last terminal in the C concourse and rush to our next gate two terminals away, only to find out our flight is delayed by at least 20 minutes.
This is apparently the only flight that has been able to get to Albany since Thursday due to weather. The standby list was more than a page long. Luckily we had tickets. The plane didn’t board until 1030. The captain of this flight announced that they were loading a bunch of extra luggage onto the plane from missed flights earlier so we were going to be there a while extra. That “while extra” turned into an hour of sitting. We finally get into the air after 1130pm, near two hours after the plane was originally supposed to fly at 942pm.
We landed after 1230am and made our way to the baggage claim. They loaded all the baggage from our flight and two others onto the small conveyor belt. This included all the luggage for people who were not there – all the extra from our flight. As we waited for our luggage to come out, a handler made an announcement that all the luggage from the Detroit flight has been unloaded. Thats swell. So we, along with about 60 other people on our flight didn’t get our bags. The only bag we got was Sean’s.
As I type this, I am still in my clothes from yesterday and have no clue when I will get my bag — if I get my bag — for this 9 day trip. Ugh. If I am going to pay $15 per bag to fly on your plane, you better keep a close eye on my luggage. Somethings never change.
All in all, we finally got to bed around 4AM. And yes, Sean decided he still needed to get up at 730. He is still up, with only a 15 minute nap this morning.
There is about 18 inches of snow on the ground and it is still falling lightly. Sean is having a blast playing with Auntie Cate, Bailey dog, and GingerKitty and getting into a lot of trouble. Hopefully he will get to see Diana soon as well. Brian and Ash are at the CVG airport now trying to catch one of the flights up. Mom and Megan will be joining us on the 23rd at the cabin and I’m sure Sean is going to be tickled to see them again 🙂

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  1. Mom C says:

    Hopefully, we will be able to make it to Albany with less trouble…assuming we make it there. Supposed to have snow here on Tuesday. 🙁

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