Dec 12

Pop, pop

Tag: Emily,SeanAndrewEmily @ 5:28 pm

Since Sean has had 4 ear infections since August, the subject of tubes has come up. I am pretty hesitant to put tubes in his ears so I did a lot of reading, and found a lot of research about chiropractic and it’s benefits for babies/kids with ear infections / sinus problems. I figured it was worth a try; I’ve found chiropractic very helpful in the past, and it’s a much better option than surgery in my mind!

Sean had his first appointment today with Dr. Heather. She was very nice and Sean was, of course, a big flirt with her. It was really cool to see how she adjusted Sean’s neck, back and hips. She held him and used his own body and body weight to apply pressure to adjust him. For instance, when she adjusted the area around his shoulder blades, she put her fingers on his spine, then leaned him back (like we do – which he loves) and said “weeee!” It entertained him, as well as adjusted him. Cool stuff. She did the same kind of thing side to side to do his neck. I was wondering how they’d do babies, since my only experience is to lay on the table, let our all your breath, then CRACK as they push into your back. Not so condusive to babies. 🙂

So, we’ll go a couple more times and see if there’s been any improvement. Hopefully, it’ll be the miracle cure we need!

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