Nov 13

Our new game

Tag: Emily,Family,Fun,SeanAndrewEmily @ 10:00 pm

Sean and I were playing a new game today. I got laughing so hard with him, that I had to get the video camera and record some of it. Unfortunately he’s been sick lately, and he got laughing so hard playing our game that he got himself into several coughing fits. Still….if this video doesn’t make you fall over laughing like it did him (literally), then you’ve got something wrong with you!

3 Responses to “Our new game”

  1. Auntie Gamma says:

    That boy is a GOOF!

  2. Ajia says:

    So funny! He has a great little laugh! 🙂

  3. Daniel says:

    good lord, i wish that’s all it took to make me laugh so much

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