Nov 07

Here it comes!

Tag: SeanAndrewEmily @ 8:56 pm

Sean had a pretty rough day today. He was a little grumpy, tired but couldn’t sleep, and most of all, just wanted extra love. The reason?? Well, the teeny tiny white spec on his gum would be a clue! Yup! He is getting a tooth! You can see it through just a smidgen of gum tissue. We’re thinking that when he wakes up tomorrow, it’ll have poked through. We can’t wait to see what our little boy looks like with a tooth! We’ll be sure to get a picture (as long as you can see it!)

**Update** The tooth did pop through. We’re trying really hard to get a picture of it, but it’s pretty difficult, as Sean doesn’t like us to dig around in his mouth. Hopefully we’ll get one soon!

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  1. Ashley S. says:

    I can’t wait to see that little tooth!!

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