Nov 04

Ahh, memories

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Paul and I took my brother Philip and his friend Scott to Murray State University this past weekend for a college visit. I haven’t been back in almost 6 years and Paul about 3. Murray has really grown since we’d been back, and the campus itself has a lot of new, amazing buildings. They are slowly rebuilding all the dorms; Clark College has already been built behind Winslow cafeteria (which was also completely remodeled), and they are building a new Richmond behind Hester. Quite the building operation around there. They’ve also built a new Chemistry building, Biology building, and are in process of a new public safety building.

We had a really good time on campus. It was fun to show Philip and Scott all the areas to hang out, and talk about “real” college life to them. I think they had a really good time and are thinking seriously about going to MSU next fall.

We also got to meet my cousin Trish and her husband for the first time. Well, my aunt and uncle’s grandchild…2nd cousin? 1st cousin twice removed?? Oh heck, I don’t know. Either way, we had dinner together Sunday night then went back to their house and hung out. We had a really good time and were glad to meet them. We’re hoping to see them again if they head north sometime in the future 🙂

Go Racers!!

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  1. Paul C. says:

    Emily failed to mention that Jeff had a 95 Eclipse GSX fully built and tuned. We went for a ride around town in it. Nothing like 5500 RPM launches with a no-lift-to-shift program. Made me drool. must…sell…motorcycle…
    It was cool to go back. It also made me realize how much of Murray I never saw.
    We also took the guys to the Sigma Pi house and they got to look around and see the annex (aka party barn). We talked to a brother named Jeff Barnes and he was really cool.
    The shoe tree is a sad sight. Emily and I didn’t bring our shoes with us to nail up though. Maybe next time – and we will bring one of little Sean’s. We couldn’t find Kurt and Jodie’s shoes though.

  2. Mary says:

    I hope that he goes to MSU I loved my time down there! I went 2 summers ago and could not believe how much has changed. Now I want to back for another visit.

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