Oct 14

Webserver Problems….grin and bear it. (warning: geek content)

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So on the 11th, I received an email from our hosting company, BlueHost.com, that the server would be undergoing maintenance to improve performance all around.

The server paulandemily.com is hosted on will be undergoing a hardware upgrade at approximately

10PM MST October 11th

We expect the downtime for the account to be 1-2 hours, but could becompleted long before that window. This upgrade will greatly increase performance on your server and therefor your account. We apologizefor any inconvenience.
BlueHost Support

Unfortunately that 1 to 2 hour window is now up to 6 days. I chatted with a bluehost.com live rep from their website (after having one completely ignore and the chat die from inactivity…thanks). He said that the admins invested $32,000 into memory for this server and they are merging two physical servers into one. Maybe they should have invested in CPUs instead of memory because I keep hitting a CPU bottleneck. I guess their upgrade did not go smoothly and the expiration for the migration has now been changed to:
Expires: Fri Oct 17 07:20:13 2008
I know a few of my blog readers have their websites hosted on my account so I wanted to give a heads up. You can track the maintenance a bit by going here:
http://serverstatus.bluehost.com/ (edit: added thanks to Sean)
type your domain into the box and click submit. Right now its telling me:
Server Load:
* 2008-10-14 13:05:31: Box under heavy load — you may experience degraded system performance
* 2008-10-14 13:05:31: box56 and box57 merged into this server to provide better services for our customers
The CPU load on the server is really high. This server has 8 CPUs (or 8 cores..can’t really tell) and its got a CPU load of 18.02, so that means that the server’s CPUs are over loaded. 18.02 load/8 cores = 2.2525 load average per core. That means that when the processor was working on one process, there was 1.25 other processes waiting to be executed. Think of it as going to your favorite grocery store and they have 8 checkout lanes open and 18 people waiting to purchase their goods. The processes are the shopping carts and the contents of the carts vary so some take longer than others to check out.

Anyway, if you get an error about the site hogging CPU time or something about it being suspended, bear with me and refresh a few minutes later. Same goes for AshandBrian.com, GSGates.net, KurtandJodie.com, AJAllen.net, 92Turbo.com, Go2Fast.net, LaryandNarni.com, HearnHappenings.com, MatthewandAmberly.com, and a couple other sites I host. TTFN

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  1. Big Sean says:

    So were you going ot provide a URL?
    “You can track the maintenance a bit by going here:….”

  2. Paul C. says:

    Wow…not sure why the link didn’t show up… it is:


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