Jul 31

new things

Tag: Computers and Electronics,Family,FunPaul C. @ 10:45 pm

So, some new stuff has def. happened recently.
My brothers company, CarDomain.com has downsized once again, ex-ing the staff from its long standing SoundDomain division, amongst others. SoundDomain.com is one – if not THE – largest online community for audio enthusiast. Their forums and members are very dedicated. They have users on there from beginners to shop owners, to those guys that seem to have nothing better to do then make their car as loud as humanly possible!.
Emily and I got a new phone system today. We’ve been using vonage for a while now – and previously another online group that went WAY under. Vonage has worked well for us, unless I had some huge download going 🙂 Previously we were using a two phone 5.8ghz system that worked pretty well for the last 2 or 3 years. One of the phones recently started acting up so we have now upgraded to the new Dect phone system.
Dect? what is dect?? Dect is a new frequency used by home cordless phones. Its a lower frequency, but right now, its only for cordless digital phones – this means it should be a really clear, strong signal. Previously, the 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz range were shared with wireless computer networks, absorbed microwave and other electronic interference, etc. So this should be a nice upgrade.
I went with a Panasonic 4 extension system (it can take up to 6 handsets). Should be a nice upgrade to our 2 phone system – esp for those who want to get a hold of us :). We looked at vtech, uniden, AT&T and other phone systems, but this panasonic one was the most comfortable unit, and to be honest … panasonic really has cornered the market on cordless phones.

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