Jul 24

My boy is getting big.

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Last week, Emily took Sean up to New York for some grand parent time. Diana was back in town from her trip to Europe with Philip and Phil came up. Of course, Oma and Opa (sure..i probably mispelled that) were there as well.
I had the weekend off and took advantage of that to do some yard work, clean out the garage, watch a couple movies, and hang out with my buddy Jim.
So, I didn’t really see much of Sean after Thursday last week. Emily left on Friday morning with Sean. Monday she called me at work, and got my “permission” to let Sean stay with the grandparents and Aunt Cate for the next couple days until Diana came home on Wednesday. Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed. Emily and I took advantage of those couple days to catch up and eat at John Philips (see previous post!) and watch Vantage (disa)Point.
We picked up Sean on Wednesday evening, after a massive plane delay (Thanks Comair!). Man…I swear this kid is growing faster than my lawn 🙂 Especially when I look at pics like this:

I’ll bet he’ll be crawling in the next 2 to 3 weeks.
Tonight, Emily went to bed early and Sean woke himself up…I suspect after a bad dream. I SWEAR he was saying “mama mama mama mama” when he was crying. It was VERY distinctive. So much for my hours of whispering “dada” into his ear”.
I should probably get to bed. Its been a very long week.

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