Jan 30

Congrats Sean!!

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 11:48 pm

My brother just got a new posistion at CarDomain.com (aka Soundomain.com) as a merchandising head guy. I’m not up on what the actual position does, except I know he will be in charge of the new products and the desciptions they get on their online store as well as work with the tech department on support calls.
Sean worked basically as the tech manager at CarDomain.com. If a call came in or a product was returned because it didn’t work he worked with the support dept and the customer to determine the problem and resolve it. (Which can be a challenge when you get a customer who thinks they are a “pro” and a company who doesn’t research every make and model vehicle). The market for these parts and hobbies have really gone from a specialized business to a mass market hobby.

I won’t go into the marketing and support details, but for an indiviaul non-NYSE company to show its head above big blue (best buy) or Circuit Shitty (Circuit City), its pretty amazing. CarDomain.com offers more than a shopping environment, they offer a place where you can customize your car or truck and show it off in a community that supports your addiction…er..hobby. Even if your car is bone stock, their members will support and encourage you to keep at it. Rock and Race on CarDomain.com. Keep it coming!

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