Jan 30

Tag: The HousePaul C. @ 10:52 pm

Not much new with the house today. We did get our garage door installed, that should help with inside temperature a little bit.
I finally had time in the daylight to get a really good look at the walls and ceilings. I found a few spots in the drywall that need touching up, and one corner in a bathroom that is bowed. I told one of the guys about it, they said they’d fix it. I’ll keep my eye on those things to make sure they get it done right.
I asked about interior paint, they said maybe by the end of the week, but definitly by next week. 🙂

Bad news on the karate front…I re-injured my knee on Saturday sparring (my knees have always been bad from years of shooting). It was pretty bad over the weekend, I could barely walk on it, but it feels a little better today. Took it easy in class tonight. 7 weeks left until my test (yikes), so hopefully I can get it rested up and healed by test time.

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