Jan 29

Where did I grow up? 1984 – 1987

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We moved to Fairfax, VA from Brandon, Florida when dad got assigned a job at the Pentagon. This is probably where we had the most fun growing up. School was a short 9/10ths of a mile walk or bike ride. The community pool was one street over. We had a lot of friends in the neighborhood as well.
On this map:

Here are the points of interest:
1) Our house. Catty-corner (er..diagonally to the left) lived Michelle and Nicole something or other.
2) The pool. We literally lived here during the summer. Sean and I would show up when it opened and leave when it closed. Best babysitter my parents ever had 😉
3) This is the intersection my mom worked as a crossing guard as. People thought she was a cop!
4) This is Rick Dean’s house. He is the only person from Fairfax I have heard from since we left there. Still have him in my AIM contact list too! There was a nice lake in our neighborhood and we used to get there from the creek by Rick’s house.
5) This was our friend Mark’s house. His dad worked for the Library of Congress.

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