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Where did I grow up? 1987- May 20, 1989

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No, the question is where…not when. When is to be determined 🙂 I decided to play on Google Maps to see what I could come up with. I’m going to be posting these out of order, but I will include the years 🙂
Torrejon AFB, Spain – This was not easy as google didn’t have a record of it, no matter how I typed it into the search box. However, I did find the long/lat of the runway and was able to figure it out from there. Here is the Google Map Link
Click the image below to view a map marked with the following areas of intrest:

1) This was where our little house was. The parking lot behind it was the Hospital.
2) This is where the BX, Commisary, movie theatre and ice cream parlor are/were.
3) This is the pool we spent all summer at. Bowling Alley is also here. Spent a lot of quarters there.
4) This is the elementary school.
5) Can’t really see it, but this is the high school.
6) This is where I got into my first fight. I kicked the guys butt. He picked the fight.
7) This is the TLQ (Temp. Living Quarters…basically a hotel) and the Officer’s Club (O-Club).
I think the area between 1 & 4 is my dad’s office area. (without the orange roof, next block).


3 Responses to “Where did I grow up? 1987- May 20, 1989”

  1. Lary Cahill says:

    Actually, my office was in the “T” shaped building between “4” and “1.” The one that has the “U” shaped driveway in front was 16th Air Force Headquarters

  2. Paul C. says:

    Yah, thats the area I was referring to. Just couldn’t figure out which one it was.

  3. Megan says:

    Wow…that is so weird. Seeing that brings back so many memories.

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