Jan 26

Drywall continues

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 8:45 am

Paul and I went out at 8:30pm last night. They had what looked like a propane heater in there to dry the mudding on the drywall. That provided some light (and warmth!) downstairs, but upstairs was pretty dark. We used the flash on the camera to get around, and suprisingly got some great pictures. They cleaned up their drywall mess from yesterday and taped/mudded all rooms and ceilings. I guess the next step when they finish this will be paint.

Paul and I are trying to put together a color scheme for the house. We’re thinking yellows/tans/sage greens, etc, earthy colors. We went with some reds in our last house, but I think we might veer away from that in this house, make it more livable for longer. Anyone have suggestions for the guest room? It’ll be your room if you come and stay!

We’d like to completely paint it before we move in. There’s really no sense waiting, since there won’t be any furniture, so it’ll be easy access to all the walls. Plus, we have a place to live and don’t have any sort of deadline for moving out to worry about.

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2 Responses to “Drywall continues”

  1. Daniel says:

    I say go bold and beautiful, just like me, hehehhe.

    KC says he wants sage…. but not every wall.

  2. Paul C. says:

    I think we may do a sage type color in the kitchen…

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