Nov 15

Bye-bye Gas Guzzler!

Tag: Cars,General,PaulPaul C. @ 10:19 am

Last night I finally sold the Durango. While I did enjoy the truck – drives smoothly, it was quiet, etc…I hated going to the gas pump. The Durango had a 25 gallon tank and got between 13 and 17 miles per gallon. Every two weeks or so, it cost $65 to $75 just to fill up it! That hurt 🙂

I had the truck listed on Craigslist for quite a while and had a couple of lowball offers on it. Last night Matt at City Auto Sales in Elsmere, KY bought it from me. Now its time to start shopping around again. Hopefully going to get into something like a VW Jetta VR6!

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  1. Daniel says:

    no no, be hip like me and get an ’08 Scion XB! hehe

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