Aug 27

Don’t know which is better…

Tag: Baby,Emily,GeneralEmily @ 12:20 pm

So I’ve done the big switch from morning sickness to crabby, unstable, tired, witch (with a different letter).  Thanks to those lovely hormones, I feel like I have PMS x1000.  For the past few days my eyes have been ‘on the ready’ to bust out in tears at any second.  Isn’t life grand?

On another pathetic note, I can barely wear any of my pre-baby clothes anymore.  My thighs have started to thicken up so that all my khakis and dress pants for work are a little snug.  Even with my belly band, they are getting close to being put in the ‘pre-baby’ stack of clothes in my closet *sigh*

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  1. Narni/Mom C says:

    Hopefully, you will feel less hyper soon…many women get kind of serene…sort of a “I’m doing all the important work in my belly–nothing else matters” approach. And you will feel more comfortable when you put your “regular” clothes aside. I HATED tightness around my abdomen! We love you and look forward to seeing you…time to shop for pg wardrobe.

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