Feb 19

This is a lot of work…

Tag: Chip,GeneralEmily @ 9:37 am

Chip did really well this weekend with his potty kit.  He hasn’t had any accidents, which we’re very proud of :-)  The only this is that I have to keep the Dyson right next to the bathroom because he makes a big mess.  I didn’t expect this.  Since the litter tray for the toilet is only about an inch deep, it doesn’t provide much of an edge to keep the litter in the tray.  When he scratches around and covers up his ‘stuff’, he kicks a lot of the litter onto the floor.  I had to cover the bathroom vent with foil to keep litter from getting down there, and I have to vacuum the floor every day.

It’s also been a pain the neck to scoop the litter into the toilet.  I originally had to figure out a way to adhere the kit to the toilet, since it was a little loose, when Chip jumped up onto it, it flipped over.  Needless to say that put us back a day or two out of fear.  I used some little double-stick foamy dots from scrapbooking to adhere it.  Easy to take off later.

But, since there’s no hole in the tray yet (that’s Step 4), you have to scoop the litter and lift up the tray and dump it under, then re-attach the tray.  Annoying, but it’ll only last another week.  Can’t wait until I get that first hole punched in it, so I can just scoop the ‘stuff’ through the little hole.  I figure we’ll do Step 4 after this weekend.  I think he’ll do fine with it, he’s VERY smart!

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