Dec 30


Tag: The HouseEmily @ 6:28 pm

My mom’s classic quote of the day: “How can they put it together so fast? Are they making it out of gingerbread!?” Sure seems that way…

They are moving along at quite a pace! Our family is going out tomorrow afternoon to walk around on the inside. Hopefully we can use the stairs. If so, we’ll take pictures of all the rooms and get “X-ray” vision for future reference (thanks Kurt!). Be prepared for lots of pictures tomorrow!
Our backyard looks great. Worries are over for that! It is a little sloped, but not nearly what I pictured it to be, so I’m happy. Megabyte will be very pleased as well. If it’s not too muddy tomorrow maybe we’ll try to measure the backyard to get an idea about how big it really is.

Today they were finishing up the plywood for the roof. The first and second floors are framed, and it looks like the rooms and closets are as well. We’ll find out tomorrow.

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