Dec 29

Up, Up and Away!

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 6:17 pm

So I sat all day at work wondering “Should I even go to the house today? It’s been misting rain all day, been dark as heck…I wonder if they even worked…”
Boy, was I in for a surprise!! I almost drove off the road (literally – I almost did) coming up to my house.
They are already on the 2nd floor! I drove up and the guys waved and shouted “Hola!” 🙂 I said hi, waved and started snapping pictures like crazy, trying to keep jaw off the ground the whole time. I knew these houses went up fast, but MY GOD! Guess I won’t be missing another day! It’s SO exciting!

Click here to see more pics!

Oh Oh Oh! We also have our closing appointment for our house, Jan 4th at 3:00pm. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that the lady doesn’t back out or that anything bad doesn’t happen! What an exicting week!

4 Responses to “Up, Up and Away!”

  1. Chris says:

    Have you all posted a link or picture of your floorplan?

  2. Daniel says:

    Whoa, looks like you guys might have some sexy construction workers. Can I visit? heh

  3. Emily says:

    There are pics of the floorplan and other items in our Gallery.

  4. Emily says:

    They are all Latinos…do you like that Daniel? 🙂

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