Dec 28

Still on schedule…

Tag: The HouseEmily @ 5:00 pm

Looks like we’re right on schedule for our closing on January 4th to sell our home. We had the inspection done 12/23 and we went over the report with Holly last night. There’s a few minor things we have to do (put on a chimney cap, seal something on the HVAC, fix a basement window pane, clean the gutters, and replace a fuse). Easy things that should be fast and inexpensive to do (yay!). Called my mortgage company and it looks like we won’t have to make the January payment if the check from the closing gets to them by the 15th (double yay!!).

Went out to our new house today briefly. They are putting plywood down over the foundation (subfloor? – I have no idea what the real terms are). Looks like they will start building up in a few days (triple yay!). See pictures. They have big piles of 2×4’s on the ground, probably for walls. They also poured large gravel in the driveway area.

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  1. Kurt says:

    Your right that is the subfloor. It is to early to say if the 2×4’s are for the walls or just for piecing things together. Anything that touches the concrete should be pressure treated (greenish looking). Or at least it is here but again we only do concrete slab foundations or pier and beam. Could be different for basements. That load of wood sure doesn’t look like enough to build any walls with. The gravel is there to help access to the house (looks like its pretty wet up there). Meanwhile TX is a tinderbox, we have fires all over the place (3rd driest year on record).

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