Dec 20

Foundation poured / We got an offer!

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What a day!

The foundation was poured today. I couldn’t see it because they had black tarps over it to keep the concrete from freezing, but I took pictures anyway. I also met Rick Lang, our construction supervisor. He seems like a really nice guy. He told me that there won’t be much action in the next week because the concrete has to cure, then they have to remove the forms, do the plumbing, and pour the basement floor. He said early next week they should have it finished, and start working up, up, up. 🙂 He said to be sure to stop in every day once they start working, because it will go really fast. Predictions were that the basement would take about a month…if they finish in the time he says they might, then they will be way ahead of schedule. That’s good because it will allow for some set-backs later on…
I’ve been watching a house being built 3 lots down from ours, and they were finishing up with the foundation when they broke ground on our house (12/6). They are already on the 2nd floor walls! I can’t believe they put these things together so quickly. I guess since they only have about 7 models to choose from, and they aren’t custom homes, that it’s pretty much the same thing over and over and they get good at it after awhile.

On to the better news!!
Our realtor Holly Nally called us tonight and said that someone made an offer on our house!!! She brought over the paperwork tonight, we signed away (the offer was more than we had hoped for!) and she said we’ll try to close before Jan 1 to avoid carrying anything from the house into 2006 (for tax purposes etc). Everyone cross your fingers that it goes smoothly and successfully!!!!

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  1. Chris says:

    Congrats on getting an offer! That makes for a nice Christmas present. 🙂

    I’ll second what you’ve heard – the walls do go up quick! For me, it’s the last month that seems to take forever 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    I imagine that last month would be torture…just waiting. I was in an almost finshed house yesterday (needed carpet & cleaning etc). I’ll be chewing at the bit when my house is at that stage! I imagine waiting for the closing/inspection etc is a pain in the butt too, knowing that it’s sitting there waiting to be moved into!

  3. Mary says:

    That is wonderful! Merry Christmas to you on the offer!!!

  4. Emily says:


  5. Kurt says:

    Em, the walls go up faster than you can imagine, seriously. Typically with these type builders (mine included) the walls will come in on a truck. They lay them out on the ground and start to assemble them like a big puzzle. It goes FAST. Once the house is framed and sheathed you should be a pre-sheetrock inspection to make sure all wiring is correct, the studs look straight and true, everything is where it should be, etc… My advice, don’t be shy if you see something you don’t like or are not sure about, speak up, you wont get another chance once the sheetrock goes up. Oh and take a TON of pictures before the sheetrock goes up, that way you have “x-ray” vision for the future of you need to do improvements or something does go wrong after the warranty runs out. Again, just my 2 cents after just finishing this process 3 months ago. And yes the last month is the worst, the house looks ready to move in but you can’t…I would try to stop by everyday until framing is complete (and maybe sheetrock), the back down to every other day, to 3 times a week or so.

    Oh and on the blinds, I would do the sides of the house that get the most sun first (we did room darkening blinds on these two sides). And don’t try to get everything right off; something’s will just have to wait until the nest egg is rebuilt. New houses are Way more expensive than we expected. We cut corners where we could early on (cheaper blinds on non-sun sides of house).

  6. Emily says:

    Good idea about taking tons of pix for “x-ray” vision 🙂 hehe

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