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Yesterday, I got talking with Danielle, a friend at work, about recycling. I recycled growing up at my dad’s house, but haven’t done it in KY in years. I checked into it with our garbage company, Rumpke, and it’s actually really easy to sign up, and it’s $3.50/month to have them pick it up. I was amazed at all the things you can recycle now…I only remember doing cans and bottles growing up. They take so much more; practicly everything you throw away!

They have a really extensive list online that includes the ordinary platics, glass and aluminum cans, but they also take paperboard (like cereal boxes, mac&cheese boxes, rice boxes and all those little cardboard type boxes that food and other stuff come in), shredded paper (junk mail, office paper, etc), magazines (we have lots of those), newspapers and cardboard. Wow.
Even though we aren’t getting our bin delivered for about 2 weeks, we’ve already started putting stuff aside. It’s amazing, after cooking dinner last night every container for food we used, we recycled. We didn’t throw anything away last night! That blows my mind.

Anyway, if you live in the area, check out Rumpke’s website and their list of approved items for recycling and get yourself a bin! For $3.50/month you can’t beat it.

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  1. CamieVog says:

    Hey Paul! I was going to post this on Cheers & Gears Forum, but I didn’t have the time to register, ect… So I followed you here from my blog.
    No, the engineer didn’t look like him. Your freakoman engineer is younger than the one we encountered. I don’t know what it is with these Ford employees being so tense. I grew up in the Flint area, and the GM tech guys were so much cooler than this new breed at Ford. Thanks for the link up onto C&G. Have you sent your story to BlueOvalNews.com? If you do indeed contact Ford about this, please let me know the outcome. Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Paul C. says:

    It actually wan’t my story 🙂 Someone had linked to your site from that story and it sounded earily similar so I thought I woudl ask since no one else had. I’m sure someone from AutoBlog.com will send it to the BlueOvalNews.com since its a very popular site (autoblog that is). Thanks for the post!

  3. Daniel says:

    wait, let me get this right…your PAYING to recycle? They should be paying you.

  4. Emily says:

    yeah….I know. But at least it’s $60/year for a good cause.

  5. Daniel says:

    have I taught you nothing about being selfish and lazy? *huff*

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