Sep 10

Stepped away from Facebook

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 11:12 pm

Decided last Saturday, to walk away from Facebook. Just tired of arguing with people post conspiracy theories and not fact checking stuff to make them feel better.
The internet is one of the worlds greatest inventions but if people can’t be responsible with it, it degrades it’s worth.
Sean started soccer a couple weeks ago but due to our family issues, we pulled him out. If numbers improve, we may stick him back in. He was amazingly supportive and understanding and he and I will keep his practices up together.
Karate for Sean has been a bit back tabled due to the virus because we can’t risk him or Emily working indoors and the weather has been hit o miss this summer for the brown belt and up classes. Emily is still working on her next black belt level and sean is studying for first degree black, currently brown.
Lily is doing well with her horseback riding and her coach is looking into trying to get her into a competition in october – not sure she is ready for that after so many months off this year. We’ll see!
As for me, I am working from home, with the kids here schooling from home. I am IT guy, lunch lady, substitute teacher, etc. It has been challenging but our kids are great and don’t put up too much of a fight. Emily works with them when she gets home from work to cover anything I missed. We make a good team.
2020 has been a pretty crummy year overall – lets all try to make 2021 better!

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