Oct 07

Good bye friend.

Tag: FamilyPaul C. @ 2:45 pm

Today Mom, Megan, and Matt had to put our faithful friend, Baxter “The Wonder Mutt” down to rest. He’s been sick for a long time (although he NEVER showed it) and last night he finally wasn’t himself. Mom took him to the ER and they did a scan and found a large mass in his stomach/intestines. They all got to say their good bye’s and he went very peacefully. Going to miss the “I bark at anything that walks by the window” voice of his.

My sister put this on facebook, and I think it sums things up better:

Today, 10/07/10, it is with heavy hearts and tear-filled eyes that we bid my dearest friend and most beloved four-legged companion, Baxter the Wunder Mutt, a fond farewell. This amazing creature entered my life at a time when we were both vulnerable and needing some extra nurturing. He was a few weeks old and had been found on the side of a highway w/a severely infected back leg and I was 15, nuff said. His unconditional love was one of the things, aside from my family, that’s got me through the roughest years. Then he was there every minute of my Dad’s battle, and loss to, pancreatic cancer. He once again stepped up and helped us heal after my grandmother died a few months later. Baxter was a devoted and intuitive creature. The kind that, if we are so lucky, we encounter once in our lifetime. You will be missed my dear friend. Thank you for gracing my life with 13 years of love and snuggles. See you on the other side, Baby Boy. I love you, always and forever.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Thank you Paul for one of my favorite photos. He did love digging in the snow for ‘snow truffles’.He was the best dog…never had one so easy to house train…and a champion snuggler…especially with anyone who wasn’t feeling well. Rest in Peace, Baxter the wonder dog, with Lary. mom

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