Jul 14 2008

New Pictures

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Sorry! I haven’t posted ANY pictures so far this month. I apologize!

Here’s a bunch, from the past two weeks:

Jul 13 2008

Baby steps

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We’ve been taking small steps toward trying to get Sean to fall asleep on his own, instead of being rocked to sleep every night. He has put himself to sleep for a nap (when he can’t keep his eyes open) but never at night. He takes about 10 minutes of wiggling and rolling before he can get himself drifted off to sleep. We have been using our “aquarium” (even though it’s the jungle one, we still call it the aquarium) that we got from “the cousins” to get him used to hearing the music and associating it with sleep. He’s done really well and now falls asleep in our arms in about 2 minutes after hearing the music start.
Tonight was the first night that I fed him his bottle, burped him, sang him one song, then put him in his crib. 20 minutes later and without any cries or fussing, he’s sound asleep. Yay Sean! Hopefully he’ll continue to do it by himself…it’d save us a lot of time at night!

Jul 11 2008

donate to a good cause

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As seen on Chris’s blog, Scott is doing the 100 mile MS bike ride again this year. Follow this link to donate to the cause! He has almost reached his goal!

Jul 10 2008

This is why Kentucky has a bad name…

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Due to the fact that I am on Jury Duty until the end of September, I get weekly email updates from the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. Its stories like this that give KY a bad name:
Commonwealth v. James Deaver
In August of 2006, a social worker Kentucky Cabinet for Families and Children’s Dept. of Community Based Services reported to Covington Police that James Deaver, 40, of Newport, was believed to have impregnated his sister, Linda Deaver, 37. Covington Detective Brian Frodge discovered that James Deaver was a registered sex offender after having been convicted of Incest in Campbell County in 1998. Det. Frodge also learned that the prior Incest conviction was the result of a consensual sexual relationship with Linda Deaver. The prior relationship resulted in the birth of a child that was seriously developmentally delayed.

After awaiting the birth of the second child, Frodge obtained DNA sampled from the child and James Deaver. DNA testing through the KY State Police Forensic Crime Lab indicated that there was a 99.99% chance that James Deaver was the father. Frodge obtained arrest warrants for both James and Linda Deaver in November, 2007.

Both Deavers were indicted for Incest in February of 2008. Linda Deaver pled guilty as charged on March 26, 2008 and agreed to testify against James Deaver. On June 30, 2008, James Deaver also pled guilty as charged. After receiving proof from defense counsel that James Deaver had voluntarily undergone a procedure to render him incapable of fathering more children, Asst. Commonwealth’s Attorney Laura Ward recommended a sentence of 5 years probated for 5 years on the condition that he have no contact with Linda Deaver and continue to register a sexual offender. Final sentencing for both defendants is July 29, 2008.
Here is the lovely couple:

Jul 09 2008

Laugh out loud

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Colleen and Cate came from New York to visit this week. They watched Sean during the day while I was working and he had a ball with them! Check out this video of Cate holding Sean while Colleen tries to “get his neck.” He laughs so hard he can hardly get a breath! CLICK HERE

Jul 03 2008

I think we’re finally back

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We’ve been struggling with Sean’s sleeping routine for a few weeks now. He decided that he likes to wake up 2-3 times/night instead of 1. The past 3 nights have been great. He slept all the way through the night 2 nights ago (8pm-515am) and last night slept from 7:30-4:15, then went back to sleep until 6:30. I feel much more rested (and I’m sure Paul does too) and Sean’s a happy camper. Still doing the Vick’s rub too; seems to be doing a good job!

Paul’s family is coming tonight to visit. Little Sean is very excited to see everyone and show off all his new tricks!

Jul 01 2008

Don’t ask me how…

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“Don’t ask me how it works, I just know it does.” That’s what a pharmacist told me last night about something I read on the internet.

I’ve been searching for a solution to help Sean with his congestion. He’s started getting congested again a few days ago, and hasn’t been able to sleep in his crib again. I had to sleep sitting straight up with him again on Monday because if he lays down in his crib he gets immediatly stuffed up and can’t breathe. I looked on the internet and saw that Vicks makes a baby rub. I also read that if you put the vicks on the bottom of their feet and put socks on them, that it helps with congestion and coughing. Huh?

Well, I was willing to try anythign so I ran to CVS and the pharmacist there agreed. I took it home, applied it to his feet and put him to bed. He slept 4 hours, woke up briefly, went back to sleep and woke up around 1am for a bottle. Slept again, and woke up at 515am (which has become his new time to start the day…grr). So, he did wake up a bit, but was able to sleep in his crib without lots of congestion! Wow. Amazing. Don’t ask me how it works, but it did. I’m a believer.

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