Aug 06 2007

10 Weeks

Tag: Baby,Emily,GeneralEmily @ 8:42 pm

Finishing off week 9 tonight…I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow! It’s hard to believe; time has been going by really fast the past 2 weeks.
I’m still not feeling too great; I’ll have 2-3 hours each workday where I’ll feel ok, then it’s back to nausea for the rest of the workday and evening. I did feel ok in New York this past weekend. I think it had a lot to do with being off work and away from everyday stresses. I’m still not sleeping well, trying to get used to sleeping on my side, since I’m normally a back-sleeper. In a few weeks I won’t be allowed to sleep on my back anymore, so I’m trying to practice. Getting up 5 times at night to use the bathroom doesn’t help matters too much either.

I’m hoping that by the end of three months (in 2-3 weeks) my nausea will have subsided. *crossing fingers*
Oh, and I’ve gained 4 pounds already. Eep! It’s not much, but it’s hard to adjust to not being able to just go on a quick diet or exercise a lot to get rid of that. I’m still trying to let the fact that gaining weight is ok settle in my mind 🙂

I have a follow-up appointment with my OB Thursday to go over ultrasounds from 2 weeks ago, and check up on my progress. Hopefully everything’s coming along great!


Aug 03 2007

ahhh…the great outdoors!

Tag: GeneralPaul C. @ 1:17 am

Emily and I are in Adirondack, NY at Phil and Diana’s cabin for a brief three day weekend.  Its amazing how this place has changed since I was here last June!  For one, its not raining (nor has it been for the previous five days like last year) and there is grass in the back yard area.  We didn’t get here until after 11pm so it was too dark to get down to the lake and check out the road.  Will do that tomorrow.


Aug 02 2007

Finally back to normal

Tag: Cars,Emily,GeneralEmily @ 11:22 am

I finally got my new car hood yesterday.  I looks really great, but already has 2 bug splats on it :-(  Pretty soon it’ll have rock dings and everything….oh well.  Looks really wonderful though!

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