Dec 12 2005

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It looks like they are finished digging. They were spreading gravel on the floor of the to-be basement today. There was a gravel truck with a conveyor on it, which was shooting gravel from the street, where the truck was parked, into the middle of the basement. Quite a sight to see. The workers were spreading the gravel around the floor of the basement, so I guess that means they’ll be preparing for concrete soon…
From the looks of it (I didn’t stay long because the men were giving me funny looks while I was walking around taking pictures) they didn’t dig any more than what was done the other day. The sales consultant, LJ, told us the basement takes about a month, so it should be finished around January 6, weather permitting.

Dec 09 2005

We have such a cute dog…

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Megabyte wanted to play model today. I took some cute pictures of her since we haven’t taken any in quite awhile.

Click for pics

Dec 09 2005

First snow storm

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Well, it doesn’t look like they’ve done that much on the basement since Tuesday. I went today after work and it looks like they have dug about 5-6 feet down. The bottom is flat and the sides are nice and smooth. I’m not sure how deep they dig before they start pouring the cement. They do have plastic down on the ground where they’ve dug. I’m not sure if that’s to keep the ground from freezing too much or if they put plastic before they pour cement. Anyone know?
We had a “major snow storm” yesterday (at least by Kentucky standards) so work on the basement may go slow the next day or so until the snow / ice clear a bit.

Dec 08 2005

Happy 30th Birthday Sean and Paul!

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Wow…what a great weekend! I’m writing this a little late, but oh well.

Sean and Paul’s 30th Birthday was on Friday, Dec 2. I started planning with Sean and his parents in January 2005 for a huge party for their 30th. In case you missed it…

Friday night, I took Paul out for what he thought was going to be a romantic dinner for two at the Waterfront Restaurant in Covington, KY. Meanwhile… Sean was flying in from Seattle, and Stephen (their best friend from St. Louis) drove from St. Louis to pick Sean up from the airport. Paul’s mom, dad, sister and grandmother drove from St. Louis as well. Everyone met at my mom’s house, then headed over to the Waterfront around 7:00pm. Paul and I were at a table for 2, and I kept having to make silly excuses for why I kept looking towards the door. A table for 12 was set up right behind ours, but Paul never took notice. While we were ordering, everyone slipped into their places at the table behind us, and then Paul’s mom came over and kissed him on the cheek. The look on his face was one I’ll never forget. He later told me “I saw my mom, then your mom, and I knew in that instant that I’d been had.” YAY! We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together. After dinner Sean, Paul, Stephen, Megan and I went out to the Pub in Crestview Hills. (See pictures here )

Then came Saturday…
Paul, Sean, Megan and Stephen went out shopping with their mom while my mom and I busily prepared the house for the party! My friend Mary drove in from Illinois to help (thank you Mary!). Everyone arrived and we hid in the living room to await their arrival. Sean and Paul came in and Paul was definitly blown away. (See pictures here)

Paul was SO clueless about both nights. I think it took him until Monday morning to finally wrap his mind around what had happened during the weekend. I’m so glad that everyone made it safely and that everything went off without a hitch! Thanks to everyone who came, hope you had a great time!


Dec 07 2005

Good question!

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So Chris asked a really good question, and I thought I’d answer it in a new post.
I forgot that most people don’t know who our builder is, and where we are building so…

Our builder is Maple Street Homes . Their parent company is Fischer Homes. We are building in the Glenhurst subdivision, in Independence, KY. The house we are building is a Winchester (4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage, corner lot, etc). Paul is really excited about the 2 car garage, but I’ve already told him that we’re going to put tape down the middle of it to divide my clean area from his car / motorcycle / car parts / tools / and bike area.


Dec 07 2005

House pics are up!

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So they broke ground a week and a half early (it was scheduled for 12/16/05). Hope everyone enjoys watching our house come together as much as we will! Keep checking in, I will try to stop by the lot/house and take pictures on a daily (or at least every other day) basis.

The first set of pictures are from Monday, 12/5/05. They spray painted the outline of our house onto the dirt. It was cool to be able to walk around what will be the rooms of our house!

The second set are from the next day, when they broke ground. I was actually going out to the lot with paper and pencil in hand so I could pace out our yard. We never have been able to get a good idea of how big it will be, so I thought, “wow, since the house is now marked out, I can tell exactly where our yard will be…” That idea quickly changed when I drove up and my whole yard was now covered in 10 foot piles of dirt. So much for pacing it off. Quess we’ll have to wait until the foundation is finished. I’m excited anyway 🙂

Dec 07 2005


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Well, things are going well so far. Looking at some interesting plugins for the WordPress (blog) software. There are mp3 players, random quote generators, games, and other stuff. Aside from tracking the progress on our house, I will probably use this space to post about random news, tidbits, funny links, and other stuff I find online. After my space is “finished”, I’ll probably move Sean’s Website. over to WordPress.
Emily has a login for the Gallery and the Blog software now as well, so maybe she will start posting too. (Paul and Emily…Welcome to 2004!) pc out

Dec 05 2005

New Website!

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Emily and I have decided to redesign the website and join the leagues of our fellow blogging friends. We are doing this so we can keep people up to date on the house we are building. 🙂 They broke ground on Tuesday after drawing out the shape of the house in spray paint. Emily took pics of it, and we will get those online as soon as our gallery is fixed.

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